Singapore is a country that has strong ties to Chinese culture. Most of the population is from Chinese families that emigrated from the mainland. Hence, traditional Chinese medicine is a prominent practice for the old, ill and pregnant.

Here is a list of postpartum advice practitioners from any reputable TCM clinic in Singapore would provide.

#1 No Cold Food and Drinks

It is natural for a woman’s health and immune system to deteriorate after childbirth. Hence, TCM practitioners do not recommend eating cold meals and liquids that may make you unwell. They advise consuming warm meals with ginger, sesame oil, and other confinement herbs.

#2 Avoid Leaving Home for Some Time

The first month after giving birth is critical for women to rest, recover, and revitalise to prepare for the busy months ahead. Also, reduce the number of visitors since the bacteria and germs they bring from outside may influence your and your newborn’s health.

#3 Take Particular Care with Confinement Meals

Having good meals allows your body to recover nutrients lost during childbirth. Confinement-friendly meals include soup recipes for breastfeeding support, proteins for postnatal recovery and tonic wine to increase blood circulation and breast milk supply. You may also consult a confinement herbs list for items to incorporate into your daily meals for extra nutrition.

#4 No Strenuous Activities

Adopting basic stretching exercises to stay active might help reduce the risk of postpartum depression and facilitate recovery. However, TCM practitioners in Singapore and abroad advise against strenuous workouts. Overstraining any wounds may impair your healing process.

#5 Practice Maintaining Good Hygiene

Bathing helps you maintain proper hygiene. It is especially crucial if you have vaginal discharge that might develop an infection if not cleansed. Ensure your bath water is warm and dry your body and hair after showering. You can experiment with adding confinement herbs for more benefits.