For some years now, bookmakers have taken an important part of online business. More and more users are trying their luck with this fascinating activity. But to what extent are we protected? What are our rights? Do we know how to defend them?

Undoubtedly, betting is one of the entertainment modes that has more depth in the world population during the last decade.

This form of leisure is more than safe. However, the dark side is never mentioned in the advertising or advertisements of these web pages: the possibility that there may be a problem between the client and the operator with whom we play the money.

In that case, what can we do? How can we file a claim with a bookmaker? 

If You Think You Should Claim, Do It

When the world of online betting was in diapers, solving any problem that arose between the user and the bookmaker was very complex.

The companies applied a very aggressive policy, which made the bettors practically defenseless against any mishap.

To this was added that the laws were much more flexible and non-existent obstacles, so that the conditions imposed by the operators were excessive (although some of them were unfair).

Fortunately, it is no longer so. Today, and thanks to new stricter and more comprehensive laws with the consumer, technological advances, bonuses, free bets and the desire for constant improvement by betting operators, the experience is increasingly positive.

In What Situations Can I File Claim

If you have not been through the bad drink of having to resolve any injustice with the operator you use to bet, you may be wondering, what are those situations in which you should seriously think about making a complaint.

  • Have you invested your money in a fee that has been winning, but at the time of payment has been recalculated downwards?
  • Do you bet on handicap or overmarkets, and the meeting ends before the regulation time?
  • Suddenly, and after a period of winnings, are your bets limited to very low amounts?
  • Have you won a bet, but are you lost?

How To Start The Claim Process

In most countries, two options are offered: administrative and judicial. The administrative is easier to carry out, with fixed intervention deadlines.