Carrying a child in the womb and bringing it to life is a great feat of a woman. Nothing compares to the feeling of holding the baby a mother has carried for nine months for the first time. And the pain and discomfort mums feel during pregnancy is nothing compared to the uncontainable joy they feel when they hear the first cry of their child.

We all know that a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy and up to giving birth. Unfortunately, not everything will return to normal once the child is delivered. It would take weeks, months, and even a year for a woman’s body to fully recover. And the first 30 days of recovery from pregnancy to child delivery is called postnatal care in Singapore.

The postnatal care period in Singapore is a critical phase for the mother and child. They are the most vulnerable state health-wise and require medical attention. This article will discuss the things new mums should do and watch out for during the postnatal care period in Singapore.

How To Take Care Of New Mothers During The Postnatal Period

Like newborns, mothers also need attention during the postnatal care period in Singapore or the first 30 to 40 days after giving birth. The length of the postnatal period varies, depending on the health condition of the mother. Here are the areas that people should pay attention to during the postnatal period.

Physical Health

As mentioned, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes. On top of that, mummies lose a lot of strength after childbirth. Paying attention to the physical health of the mother is essential in regaining strength.

Firstly, rest is important to regain strength. To prevent exhaustion and fatigue during the postnatal care period in Singapore, mothers should ask for help from their partner or relatives to assist in taking care of the newborn.

Typically, in the first few weeks, newborns sleep every three hours and need feeding. With this irregular schedule, an assistant would be necessary if you want the mother to gain at least eight hours of sleep.

However, nursing should remain a mother’s responsibility. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for the baby.

Secondly, apart from rest, mothers should also pay attention to their bodies after child delivery. It is normal for mothers who had natural childbirth to experience vaginal pain and bleeding in the first few weeks. Mothers who have undergone c-section may find it difficult to move; however, moving around is essential to prevent blood clots.

It is also necessary to keep the incisions clean for mother’s who had c-sections to prevent infection. Likewise, mums who had natural delivery should keep their cervix and vulva clean, especially if there is a tear. Consult your postnatal care provider in Singapore for further instructions.

Lastly, light activities, such as walking around the house, are the first step to returning to normal. Consult your postnatal care provider in Singapore for physical activities instructions.


What to watch out for?

Mothers often experience postpartum complications like separation of the recti muscles or diastasis recti, haematoma or excessive bleeding, and urinary incontinence in Singapore.


Food is a huge factor in recovering from childbirth. As much as possible, mums should eat nutritious food to speed up their healing. Many mothers skip meals due to exhaustion from taking care of the baby; however, it is not advisable, especially during the postnatal care period in Singapore. Nutritious food is also significant for lactation; helpful for nursing mothers.

On the flip side, eating an excessive amount of food is also discouraged, as constipation is also highly likely during the postpartum period.

Mothers should eat fruits and vegetables as they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates from grains, wheat, and oats give the body energy. Milk and dairy products are good sources of calcium, while fish and meat are rich in protein.

Mother’s should not worry about their weight gain during pregnancy as they will lose it when they are breastfeeding. Most importantly, always keep mothers hydrated. Fluid is essential for lactation.


What to watch out for?

There is a high chance for mothers to develop iodine and vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A is significant in fighting infection. Pre-existing anaemia can also aggravate iron deficiency due to blood loss. It is necessary for the postnatal care provider in Singapore to monitor the mother’s health and diet.

Mental and Emotional Health

For new mothers, the task and responsibility of motherhood can be overwhelming. This reality takes a toll on the mental health of the mother.

At the same time, during the postnatal period in Singapore, the hormone levels in the woman’s body change. These changes contribute to the mental and emotional state of the mother.

Mothers may experience sadness, anxiety, extreme sadness, and depression.

As much as possible, do not isolate mothers and newborns at home. It is important to the parents to provide emotional and mental support and assistance to the mothers.

Extra assistance in taking care of the baby and domestic chores will also reduce the fatigue and exhaustion of the mother.

What to watch out for?

Mothers are at risk of postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. Unlike the separation of recti muscles and urinary incontinence in Singapore, postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis require more serious medical attention. Partners and relatives should also pay attention to the symptoms of postpartum depression and psychosis.

Regular monitoring through postnatal care in Singapore helps in preventing and treating these mental health conditions.


The mothers, their partners and relatives need to understand the importance of postnatal care in Singapore. Not only the mothers but also the entire family adjusts to the new addition of the family and cope up with the new responsibilities.

Pregnancy and child delivery complications, like separation of the recti muscles, iron deficiency, postpartum depression, and urinary incontinence in Singapore, should not be ignored.

Most importantly, regular consultation with the doctor within the postpartum period is the best way to maintain the health of the mother and the newborn.

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