Neural networks that undress people in photos have raised many questions. Photos, unless they are personal, are protected by copyright. Moreover, turning them into nude photos can be seen as a violation of personal boundaries. Check how to undress a girl without rules violation in the post below.

Correspondence between a photo processed by a neural network and a real woman

The neural network works on the principle of generating the most suitable naked images in terms of characteristics instead of layers with clothing. Comparison and contrast are made from cut scenes of erotic pictures on the net and an internal database. 

The processed photo in Nudify undresser app will be idealized in comparison with the real girl. Your friend’s skin under her clothes may have an uneven tan, and she may have some defects on her body. If you want to achieve maximum plausibility, then you should combine two photographs into a single whole – real and processed, respectively, using other neural networks.

Current issues in the process of photo undressing

Men often ask which girls the neural network undresses better, plump ones or slender ones? The system certainly copes better with thin people; the lines on the body are more contrasting and sexy. Some services offer two modes of operation; you should be careful and choose the most preferable option in accordance with the figure of the girl in the photo. 

A special algorithm of deepnude ai analyzes the result for errors and eliminates them. People often ask: does the position of the girl in the image make a difference? Neural networks cope approximately equally well with removing clothes from women in different poses, but it is better to give preference to an upright person.