Out of all skin conditions, acne is one of the most common of them all. It usually starts at the age of 10, and it could last for five to ten years. However, some acne does not just go away. Some people have it even after their 20s, especially for males. Therefore, if you are experiencing the latter, make sure to get an acne treatment in Singapore right away. Otherwise, your skin scar, and that would not look good on your skin.  If that does not convince you, you should keep on reading. It would help you understand a bit more about your skin condition. 

What must you do when acne appears on your skin?

Treat your acne right away. 

You have to so your skin would not experience more acne breakouts. Also, once you undergo acne treatment, you could expect the listicles below to happen. So, make sure to see a skin specialist at once!

  • Acne treatment would take effect quickly.

  • Less scarring.
  • Avoid long-term acne.


Five questions you are probably wondering when acne appears on your skin.

  1. Can I get rid of acne? If so, how should I do it?

  • Change your lifestyle.

The way you live your life affects what your skin would become. So, if you eat unhealthy foods and keep your stress all bottled up, there is a higher chance of developing acne. That is why you should change your lifestyle. Remember to do it one at a time so it would not be hard for you to do.

  • Have a skincare routine.

Doing so would help get rid of the excess oil on your skin. As a result, your pores would look crystal clear, and your blemishes would heal quickly.

  • Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep could affect your hormones, and it triggers that skin to develop acne. So, get eight hours of sleep a day, especially if you are undergoing acne treatment in Singapore. 

  • Avoid using makeup that contains oil.

You have to since this skin condition often develops when there is so much oil on your skin. So, try not to add more with the makeup you are using. Consult a skin specialist in Singapore, so they could recommend which product you should use.

  1. What common mistakes should I need to avoid with my acne?

  • Washing or scrubbing your face so much

Taking care of your skin is healthy, but doing it too much could be harsh for your skin. So, try washing your face twice a day and scrub it twice or thrice a week. 

  • Squeezing your pimple

This bad habit would only make your acne worse. Continuing to do so would only lead to scarring and more breakouts. 

  • Forgetting to apply a moisturiser

Applying a moisturiser is not for aesthetic reasons. The truth is, if you do not use it, your skin will become dry, and dry skin is prone to develop acne. So, do not forget to apply it evenly to your skin. 

  • Skipping sunscreen

It is not only bad for your skin, but your acne would not have any protection from the sun. You see, when you undergo acne treatment, your skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure. As a result, your skin would most likely develop burn.

  • Not treating dandruff

Little did everyone know that their dandruff could be the cause of acne. So, if you think your scalp has it, better treat it right away. Use a fragrance-free shampoo that contains zinc to remove the flakes on your scalp.

  • Stopping acne treatment too soon

If you stop your acne treatment in Singapore way earlier than your doctor’s order, your skin will experience new breakouts. Sometimes, more severe than before, and the method to get rid of it would not be easy. 

  1. Should I not wear makeup if I have acne?

Fret not since you would not have to do this as your countermeasure. All you need to do is change the makeup brands you use so your pores would not clog up. As a result, your skin would not have more breakout. So, consult a skin specialist, and ask them which products you use on your skin. 

  1. What acne treatment suits my skin condition the most?

Since you are no expert in diagnosing your skin, try not to do any DIY acne treatment at home. See a skin specialist instead and let them check your acne. With their expertise and years of experience, they would know right away what acne treatment you should have your skin would not scar. So, go to the nearest aesthetic clinic near you.

  1. Will the acne on my skin ever go away?

Aside from eczema, most skin conditions would eventually heal if you treat it right away. So, if you notice your skin has more pimples than usual, consult a dermatologist at once! You would need their help so your skin would not scar after a breakout.

Do you want to get rid of your acne? Reach out to a skin specialist right away!

If that is what you want to happen, make sure to consult a skin specialist in Singapore at once! That way, they could recommend which acne treatment suits your skin condition the most. In any case, you are still looking for a reliable expert, go to Ceramique Aesthetics. Their acne treatment in Singapore would make sure no scar will be visible on your skin. So, what are you waiting for? Visit their website and find out what contact number you should call. 

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