In the age of technology and wide access to information due to the internet, you will see a lot of people learning new things at home. You may even be one of them. It is easy to learn a lot of things with the help of Youtube videos and blog articles that will give you an in-depth and step-by-step process of doing things. It may be a recipe, fixing a gadget, or learning a new fitness activity. Among all of these, there is always a chance of failing, or in worst-case scenarios, you might end up in the hospital. This statement is not meant to discourage you into self-learning. Readers should take it more as a serious warning since no one can tell what the future holds. Being careful is a way to prevent it, but nothing beats the safety that you will get under the guidance of a professional, especially if you want to learn the art of pole dancing in Singapore.


You have probably come across plenty of articles or blog posts about self-teaching pole dancing. However, in the end, you are here because you do not want to take the risks that these people said about installing a pole at home and learning from Youtube tutorials. Your judgment is valid, and that is why you should not feel guilty about prioritising your safety. Allow this article to tell you the reasons why you should only be learning pole dancing from certified instructors in beginner classes!


Why should you trust professional pole dancing instructors?

Even when you are self-driven to learn the art of pole dancing, you should remember that it is only half of what you need to learn it. You also need a mentor to know the particulars of performing using a pole. They will be the ones who will carve you that path, so here are the reasons why you should only trust them:


They know how to adapt to learning styles

Remember that pole dancers are different from pole dancing teachers. The former performs pole dancing for their own reasons while the latter performs to teach others. It is as simple as that. In a pole dance studio in Singapore, you will meet teachers who know how to adapt to each student’s learning style. You may be a visual learner or a kinesthetic learner. Either way, you can trust that your instructor will try and adapt to your style to help you process the information you need to know to perform pole dancing.


They will consider your health information

Do you struggle with fatigue or have a back problem? If you have either of that, you can trust that your instructor will ensure that you will learn positions that will help you avoid worsening your condition. It means that they will tailor a plan for you to learn pole dancing safely. For instance, if you have fatigue, they will not overexert you up to the point that you cannot move anymore. Instead, they will give you additional care in spotting upon your pole dance trial class!


They have an educational dance background

Beginner pole dancing classes are not conducted by a beginner pole dancer. The instructor you will meet there will have at least on fitness instructor qualities, prior pole dancing experience, and/or pole dance certification. They have a license to teach beginners like you, so there is no reason for you to doubt their credentials. With this, you can be assured that they have basic knowledge of human anatomy as well. They know the safety methods and procedures when an accident occurs, and most of all they know how to prevent those accidents from happening.


Dancing with Breathe Dance Company

If pole dancing is one of your to-do lists to achieve this year, you still have time to apply for Breathe Dance Company’s pole dance trial class in Singapore! Their pole dancers have the qualities of an excellent dancing teacher, such as:


Positive leadership

You can easily tell when an instructor only teaches for the sake of teaching. They have a de-motivating aura. Well, that is not what you can expect from the pole dancing teachers of Breathe Dance Company because they know how to motivate students with their positive leadership skills!



No one wants an impatient teacher who only attends class to get their pay. The good pole dancing teachers of Breathe Dance Company are patient, especially to a class of beginners. You can approach them during class when you are having a difficult time, and they will patiently assist you until you get a position right. Also, you should not be afraid to make mistakes because they will encourage you to keep practising. 



As a learner, you want to be taken seriously. You came to class to learn and not be harassed in any type of harassment that exists in a dance studio. The good pole dancing instructors of Breathe Dance Company know this, so you can expect that they have a positive face for the business. They will remain professional with you in and out of their dance studio. 


Sense of humour

Pole dancing instructors want their students to feel relaxed and comfortable since these are impactful qualities that can help you be a better dancer. The technique that the instructors of Breathe Dance Company do is to humour you. They believe that laughter and smiles help make learning fun and memorable! Thus, you can expect that you will come out of your class in a positive mood.


When you decide to pursue the path of pole dancing in Singapore, then you would want to come to the right place to help you be the dancer you want to be! Let the people of Breathe Dance Company assist you onto your exciting journey to pole dancing. 


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