Trailer tracking systems can give insight into the state of your trailers. It can also notify you of any modifications or security breaches so that you can respond quickly if any problems emerge. Trailer monitoring provides vital information on the state of the load and imparts advice on how to manage your trailer.

Here is a list of how trailer trackers helped me monitor our daily operations.

#1 Sustain Visibility

It is critical to maintaining visibility, especially if you are working with partners. If a contractor does not have vehicle tracking software or collaborates with a different supplier, fleets can use their GPS trailer tracking system as a stand-in. Therefore, customers and staff are constantly informed about the whereabouts of the trailers and their load. GPS fleet tracking also enables fleets to maintain the same level of uninterrupted service to their clients, regardless of whether a new trucking business is involved. It also helps me keep track of my trailers, whether a partner company or another fleet uses them.

#2 Corrects Fleet Sizing 

Trailers are expensive to acquire and run, especially after considering maintenance, insurance, and storage. You can only successfully rightsize your fleet after conducting a utilisation study. Managers can also typically accomplish this by establishing a threshold for miles travelled or hours spent and assessing if a vehicle or item of equipment goes above or below that figure. Equipping every vehicle or trailer with a GPS tracker in Singapore enables fleet managers to observe how each performs versus its potential. The system also assisted me in improving trailer-to-tractor ratios and even increasing fleet revenue.

#3 Theft & Unauthorised Use Prevention

Trailer tracking systems give real-time position information to fleets, but fleet managers can opt to be informed by ping at predetermined intervals. Geofences and IoT AI enable fleets to create a virtual border around an area you do not want a trailer to leave, such as a yard or construction site. The fleet manager will immediately receive a notification if a trailer crosses that virtual barrier. Equipping my fleet with trailer trackers lets me know whenever one of the trucks makes unexpected stops or digresses from their predetermined route.

#4 Eradicates Yard Hunts

Fleet managers can search trailers by location thanks to GPS-trailer tracking. Managers may use GPS trailer monitoring to direct a yard spotter to the exact location of the trailer before he begins his search. If you are looking for a specific trailer, you can locate it before leaving the premises if you equip every vehicle or trailer with a GPS tracker on your Singapore fleet. I would look younger if I could reclaim the time I wasted needlessly walking through yards looking for valuables.

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