Most people believe that toilet paper is only a hygienic instrument. However, make an effort to choose one that suits your ideals. Here are four things to think about the next time you buy toilet rolls or tissue paper boxes at stores in Singapore.

#1 Plies

Most people are concerned about the number of plies tissue paper at stores in Singapore or abroad possess. The term refers to the layers of sheets found in a roll or each sheet. More plies result in thicker, softer toilet paper. However, it is less cost-effective and more detrimental to the environment if it is not composed of environmentally suitable materials. A thicker toilet paper that does not dissolve quickly may also clog a toilet bowl, which happens when you flush too many times.

#2 Material

Toilet paper is from wood pulp. Due to the widespread use of toilet paper, most companies search for more sustainable ways to make tissue or paper towel products in Singapore and worldwide. Some toilet papers are from recycled paper as environmental concerns grow. Recycled toilet paper uses less water, consumes less energy, and emits fewer air pollutants during manufacturing.

Another environmentally beneficial choice is tree-free tissue or toilet paper options at stores in Singapore and abroad. They are from bamboo or sugarcane fibres. Bamboo and sugarcane recover quicker than trees and are more efficient options.

#3 Biodegradable

All toilet paper is biodegradable since it is from natural resources. However, the challenge lies in the amount of time before biodegradation happens. The plies influence how long it takes to biodegrade. While a single ply is better for the environment, it may not be enough for your sensitive regions. Regular wood pulp toilet paper or facial tissue options sold in Singapore and abroad use more water and take longer to degrade. Tree-free toilet paper is more costly, but it is one of the most environmentally friendly.

#4 Bleached vs Unbleached

Manufacturers use chlorine to make toilet paper or kitchen towel options sold in Singapore and abroad look white. It harms the environment and health since it may quickly react with other chemicals to form dioxins and other cancer-causing toxins. These toxins can enter the body by wiping and cause severe illnesses and diseases. Moreover, toilet paper fragrances and colours may potentially create medical problems or allergic responses. Although unbleached toilet paper is rough to the touch, it is the safest alternative.

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