When taking your dog to its annual checkup, your vet from an animal clinic in Singapore might suggest that your dog takes a titer test. It’s a safe alternative to revaccinating to protect your dog from common viruses like parvo, distemper, or hepatitis virus. But what is a titer test, and is it the best for your pet? Here are 4 FAQs you need to know.

1. What is a titer test?

A titer test is a type of blood test that checks your dog’s antibodies to see if they are protected against specific illnesses or viruses. These tests are usually available in a pet clinic in Singapore. For example, if your dog gets a titer test for parvo and gets a positive result, it means that your dog still has the antibodies to protect itself from parvo. The titer test is an effective method to check if your dogs’ vaccinations are still in effect.

2. Why do a titer test instead of revaccinating?

There’s a real danger to over-vaccinating your dogs. The immune system could react unexpectedly and cause your pet to become ill instead of granting them protection. To prevent over-vaccination, you can opt for a titer test for dogs to ensure that your dog’s current vaccines work.

3. How often should titers be checked?

It depends on your pet’s age. You should take your puppy to a pet clinic in Singapore for its first titer test at six months old and again on its first birthday. After that, it’s up to you. Your dog can take a titer test once, twice, or thrice a year, depending on what suits you and your dog best.

4. If my pet has a positive titer test, should I still have them vaccinated?

If your titer test for dogs returns positive, your dog’s vaccines are still in effect. In that case, saving your dog’s next vaccination for another year is best to ensure no accidental overlap. After one year, get another titer test, and if it comes back negative, you can schedule revaccination. If you watch for any overlap, your dog will still get protection without compromising its immune system.
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