Unless you have hair problems or regularly groom yourself, you probably don’t pay attention to your hair that much. It is not a vital organ; it does not perform any crucial activities in the body. But nearly everyone will say that they would like a full head of luscious and healthy hair. Hair products in Singapore have overtaken the cosmetics and beauty industry—it is a large part of how we care for our appearance. 

Women have invested large amounts of money into dyeing and styling their hair, but they are not the only ones who have to take care of their hair. Hair care is essential for men, too. We have invested money into treating damaged hair, hair loss, beard maintenance, and other treatments. Barber shops and other men’s hair care treatments help millions of individuals worldwide.

Hair care is essential for cosmetic and health reasons. Do not complete a hair care routine if you ignore your hair’s needs. Ignorance can result in greater hair damage. Your hair determines your physical appearance and how healthy other individuals perceive you. Sometimes, people can even discern age and personality by the amount of time and effort you spend on your hair. 

If you take hair care for granted, you will encounter serious problems aside from your image to others. Unhealthy hair can mean poor hygiene and leads to medical problems. They can also mean more serious health issues. If you pay attention to them, you can stop health problems or detect them before they worsen.

Men and women have similarities in the hair problems they may have, but their frequency and how they manifest themselves may differ. Men and women may need different hair care products if they want to thrive. 

Let us focus on men’s hair problems. One might be able to list many issues that need hair care solutions, such as frizzy hair, dry hair, dandruff, and more, but the ones most people are afraid of is the loss of hair altogether. 

Defining hair loss in men


Before determining whether you are a victim of hair loss, you must check how many strands you lose per day. It is alarming to see a ball of hair strands clogged in your drain, but this is perfectly normal. Normal hair loss for a person every day is about 50 to 100 strands. It sounds like a lot, but your hair follicles quickly get to work to replace all the fallen hairs.

It is only a problem when you lose significantly more than that. Most people can feel their hair thinning as they approach the worst of their hair loss. Think that you are losing more than the standard 50 to 100 strands? It is better to look for the best hair growth serum. Other treatments may help you regrow your hair.

As a man, sometimes hair loss is inevitable. 85% of men will experience hair loss compared to only 55% of women who experience hair loss. There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon: male pattern baldness occurs in significantly more men, while female pattern baldness occurs in an estimated 20% of the female population.

Baldness is due to the hormone levels of men, which differ drastically from women. Men produce much more testosterone. They also produce more DHT, which is a hormone that many scientists believe makes hair follicles more sensitive. The more sensitive your hair is, the more likely it is to fall off.

The statistics get grimmer as men age. More than 50% of men over 50 years of age will start exhibiting signs of hair loss. It becomes 4 out of 5 people when men reach the age of 70. Genetics is usually the culprit in these scenarios, but other factors may affect why you are experiencing hair loss before you hit these ages. Here are a few reasons why you might get hair loss.

1) You are using the wrong hair products in Singapore

Just because most hair care products are meant to protect your hair does not mean that you can use all of them. Some are more damaging to your hair than you think. Hair products meant for thicker hair can spell disaster for men with receding hairlines. Ensure that your hair products match your hair type and needs.

2) You have medical issues that make it harder for you to grow hair

Some medical conditions make it harder for some people to grow hair. The aforementioned male pattern baldness, inherited by family members, can make you lose all your hair before you reach middle age. Other diseases can also thin out your hair. Sometimes, they may grow back after the condition improves.

3) You just had intense health treatments

You have probably heard about intense medical treatments like radiotherapy or chemotherapy. While lifesaving, they can also have some unwanted side effects. For example, you could lose your hair if radiotherapy involves parts of your scalp. You may need to wear a wig or use a hair growth serum in Singapore after your sessions are finished. With some luck, they may grow back.

4) You have had sudden shock or stress

It sounds like a cliche or something straight out of a cartoon. People may not believe that hair thins out or turns grey with stress, but it is a well-documented phenomenon. If you want to slow down your hair thinning, you should avoid any stressors that may trigger them. Traumatic points in your life don’t always last, so do not worry about your hair not growing back too soon.

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