Pianos are some of the most expensive musical instruments for the average person, right next to the drums. Sure, you could find a lot of cheap secondhand pianos on eBay or Carousell, but are they worth the risk? Instead, you should visit a reliable piano shop in Singapore and look for the most affordable piano available!

However, if it’s your first time finding an affordable piano for sale in Singapore, you might encounter a few problems along the way. The funny part is that the issue does not revolve around money. The cost of buying a piano should be the least of your worries!

When it comes to looking for a high-quality piano for sale, the quality and sound of the said instrument are some of the things that you need to consider. After all, buying a cheap piano will do you no good if its quality is just as shoddy as its price.

Fortunately, beginners have nothing to worry about when looking for an above-average piano for sale. You could even buy used pianos for affordable prices, as long as the instrument is still in excellent shape. What matters is that you inspect the piano in person before paying the full price.

Here are a few tips for buying your first piano for sale in Singapore!



Have you experienced the urge to buy something out of impulse? For musicians, this might seem like a common occurrence, especially if a brand new accessory or high-valued instrument becomes available in the marketplace. If you know this type of feeling, avoid purchasing a piano for sale in Singapore just because your heart says so!

Instead, listen to the sound of the piano for sale before buying. Even if the piano is in good condition without any problems, the sound of playing it with your own two hands matters the most.

Before purchasing any piano for sale, listen with your ears and observe the sound of the instrument. It is better to try it out yourself by placing your fingers on the keys and playing the piano yourself. If you notice any issues with the piano, only then should you look for other high-quality pianos available in the very same piano shop.


By now, you probably know that you want to purchase a piano for sale because you want to play one. But why do you want to play the piano? Is it for fun, or perhaps you want to become a professional piano player in the future?

You need to know why you want to play the piano in the first place. Doing so should help you decide which type of piano for sale is the perfect one depending on your wants and needs.

For instance, do you want to bring your piano with you anywhere you go? If so, then look for a portable piano for sale, mainly a digital keyboard, that is lightweight and easy to carry. On the other hand, if you know you’re going to play the piano exclusively at home, then consider finding a larger piano that will complement your home interior.

Another thing to consider is choosing between a traditional or contemporary piano. Visit a piano shop in Singapore and check which one suits your taste and style the most. No type of piano is better than the other, so you cannot go wrong with either choice!


There is nothing wrong with buying a secondhand piano for sale. After all, most used pianos are more affordable, with some presenting the same quality of sound as if they were brand new. 

However, it would also never hurt to be extra careful when you want to buy a secondhand piano. Some people sell their used musical instruments at an affordable price, and there’s always a reason behind it, whether it be positive or negative.

For instance, if you stumble upon a used piano for sale, inspect it in person to see if it is still in good condition. Do a thorough inspection and make sure nothing is wrong with the piano. The seller might be hiding vital details from you, and you must check the piano yourself to find out any damages or defects.


What if you feel the sudden urge to play the piano out of nowhere? Whether you fancy the sound of a piano or someone else inspired you to play, you should decide whether or not you are going to be a piano player in the long run. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to purchase a piano for sale immediately. Instead, you can visit a piano shop in Singapore that offers rental services. From there, you can decide whether or not to rent a piano.

Renting a piano is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the world of piano playing for the first time, especially if you cannot commit to the idea of becoming a piano player in the long run. Think of it as a free trial or demo. By renting a piano, you can take your time and see if you are ready to become a full-time piano player.


Whether you want to rent or buy a piano, visit a piano shop in Singapore that offers high-quality pianos so you can experience the unrivalled feeling of playing for the first time. Fortunately, Steinway Gallery has rental services for beginners who want to play the piano. Visit this website to know more about renting quality pianos for affordable prices.