From experiential marketing service to business retail interior design, the first impression matters the most in today’s retail industry. It could mean the difference between losing a potential sale and attracting new customers. Every retail store must have consistency and bring their A-game to provide the best visual representation of their brand, especially their products for display.

Considering your strategies for visual merchandising displays is a must since it encompasses everything from your interior signages and store-front product displays. Find out what you can do to leverage your display design:

1. Know the design theory for building effective displays

Even when your retail business needs a commercial interior design in Singapore, learning design theory is an effective principle that will help you build eye-catching designs. Design can also break the flow and appeal of your store. The safest and most popular route (that works), you can rely on applying the idea that ‘less is more’. If your store appears too crowded, you can lose potential customers away.

2. Use white space properly

Not every nook and cranny inside your store needs to have product displays. Believe it or not, white spaces are a vital component when designing your store, for product display-wise and interior design-wise. White spaces also help establish a focal point while reducing the clutter, giving enough visual space to ‘breathe’.

3. Make your visual merchandising look bold

From display design to brand activation, bold design is a vital concept. Becoming ‘bold’ means more than just a simple awareness of your brand or product. It means enticing and convincing them to react and interact with your product and brand. From the use of mannequins to interior design, your store should convince reaction from buyers.

4. Establish a guide for customers

While you may not have enough space to apply the concept of creating a maze-like design that will guide your customers, you need to make your store easy to navigate while following a flow. It should help them see what products you are offering before they leave the store or purchase.

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