You undoubtedly rely on your air conditioner to remain refreshed in Singapore’s humid tropical weather if you are like most people. It is critical for maintaining your air conditioning unit in good working order to choose a reputable aircon servicing at a reasonable price in Singapore. However, there are also steps you can take between services to ensure the health of your unit.

5 Easy Aircon Maintenance Tips

The temperature in Singapore is constantly high. Moreover, the humidity never makes you feel comfortable enough to sleep without an air conditioner. Regular AC maintenance may help you save more energy and avoid costly and inconvenient repairs down the line with understanding. Here are five tips you can follow to maintain the condition of your aircon unit even years after installation in your home in Singapore.

#1 Keep the Air Filter Clean

Debris, such as dirt and leaves, may accumulate on the interior and outside of your air conditioner, causing the device to diminish system capacity and airflow. Dirty air conditioners can promote the growth of germs and microbes. It can trigger allergies and asthma attacks in the entire family. Determine whether you can clean your AC filter. Some air conditioners have filters that must be cleaned or disposed of after a specific time. It is advisable to change disposable air filters every three months after aircon installation in your home in Singapore. Moreover, trim any bushes or other plants around the unit to avoid obstructing the airflow.

#2 Hose Down the Condenser Coil

Most condensers are outside the home and use a fan to circulate air. It causes the condenser to gather dirt and airborne dust throughout the months and years of frequent usage. The exposure to outside elements can eventually cause clogging in the unit. 

The first step in keeping your condenser clean is removing vines, weeds, or vegetation restricting the airflow. Cleaning the space surrounding the coil improves airflow around the condenser. Spray the condenser coil with a garden hose. Avoid power washers since too much force might distort the fins within the air conditioner. If no other remedy is available, try a combination of mild dish detergent and water. Do not spray the fan if it is still in position or direct contact with the hose. If the work is too much for you to handle, hire a reputable aircon servicing at a reasonable price in Singapore.

#3 Keep the Evaporator Drain Clean

Evaporator coils are one of the most critical parts of your air conditioner. The efficiency of your air conditioning unit might suffer with the forcing of warm, humid air across the evaporator coil. Mould and algae can accumulate over time and clog the drain, causing the system to cease cooling. It can even result in the generation of ice. Locate and check your evaporator coil to see whether it needs cleaning. Brush away debris using a bristle brush soaked in water. Allow the evaporator coil to rest for 5 minutes after spraying it with cleaning. If required, rinse the evaporator coil and repeat the operation. Reassemble everything and screw everything back together. Hire reputable aircon servicing at a reasonable price in Singapore if you cannot do it yourself.

#4 Inspect if the Freon is Depleted

Knowing how to check the Freon in your air conditioner might help keep your home cool. You might need to seal your unit, replace your Freon, and then replenish your system refrigerant if there is a leak. Some AC maintenance activities may be completed at home, while others require the services of a professional air conditioning expert to avoid system damage.

You may do the fan inspection yourself at home. The motor might have some issues if the fan does not start when you turn it on. A coolant leak might create a fault in your AC unit due to frost forming on various components of the AC, such as the motor and tubes. On the other hand, the soap and water method may be the cheapest technique to identify any leaks in your air conditioning system. Apply a soap-and-water solution to the area where you suspect a leak. You should observe bubbles if any coolant is leaking. You can call a reputable professional aircon service provider for a gas top up at a reasonable price.

#5 Consult with Professional Aircon Service Providers

There can be quite a few issues with your air conditioning unit. A competent and experienced technician can detect and address most air conditioning unit issues before they become significant. Repair works like sealing leaks and aircon pipe replacement should be done by capable professionals. Proper maintenance may help your unit work at peak efficiency and guarantee that it lasts for years. If you suspect that your aircon is not running as per normal, it is advisable to hire an aircon installation company for a peace of mind.


5 Factors to Consider when Hiring an Aircon Service Provider

A quality service firm will always provide a convenient timetable for aircon installation, maintenance or repair around Singapore. They will be able to come to your home at your convenience and work promptly to complete the task. The following are five considerations to make when choosing a service provider.

#1 Years of Experience

Inquire about their experience with cooling systems and how long they have been in business. Experienced firms will most likely have a better understanding of how to repair frequent issues with air conditioning systems, and they may also have access to obsolete components.

#2 References

Request a list of previous clients from the service provider and contact them to inquire about their experience with the organisation. References may be a terrific method to learn what to expect from a service provider, from aircon installation to repair for Singapore homes.

#3 Insurance and Licence

It is critical to ensure that they are licensed and insured. It safeguards you if something goes wrong while the job is underway. Insured businesses will also be able to pay any losses that arise as a result of their work.

#4 Service Cost

Everyone wants excellent aircon servicing at a reasonable price from Singapore providers. Before making a decision, seek quotations from many different firms. It will give you an idea of what is customary in your area and will assist you in finding a provider that falls within your budget.

#5 Availability

When looking for an AC maintenance provider, inquire about their availability and how they interact with clients. An excellent firm will meet your requirements and work around your timetable. They will also book the next appointment, so you do not have to wait too long for care.

Choose a Reputable Aircon Maintenance Service Provider

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