Although it is not a new concept, the pandemic introduced the benefits of using hybrid and virtual landscapes for annual general meetings (AGMs). Businesses use AGMs to demonstrate their commitment to shareholder transparency and to improve relationships with those who invest in them. Since not everyone can personally attend, here are five ideas to help you improve your AGM webcast in Singapore.

#1 Edit Slides & Templates

An uncomplicated approach to presenting your slides will immediately rejuvenate your presentations for your video live streaming. Rather than merely populating blank slides with material, create templates to work with for your AGM presentation. It also allows you to develop a professional brand style that stands out to your target audience.

#2 Pleasing to the Eyes

AGM activities rely heavily on visual performance. Whether you hold your AGM through a webcast or in person around Singapore, aim to stimulate your guests with visual materials. Make the information relevant to your audience by incorporating it into your slides and presentations.

#3 Use Varied Formats

Mix up the content categories in your business presentation. It is more effortless for your audience to focus when their brain is busy responding to various conditions rather than listening to the same cadence for an hour. Emphasise your messages by using varying video production methods for AGMs around Singapore.

#4 Tell an Enthralling Story

Use a reliable video production firm in Singapore to create and tell an enthralling story for your audience. You should not limit yourself to dry facts simply because you have a set of results to share. You may captivate and enthral your audience by telling a tale about your company. Allow shareholders to see the genuine beating heart of your firm, not just the topline figures, although they are investing for results.

#5 Ponder on Going Hybrid

Making AGM presentations more accessible is one way to increase participation. Many occur throughout the workday, making it challenging to clear a window long enough to attend if someone needs to travel. Using a hybrid structure by conducting your AGM through a webcast from Singapore ensures that guests have a comparable experience. 

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