In medical practice, misdiagnosing can cause a patient’s life. The wrong information you might give to the doctor can sabotage your recovery process. If, for instance, you said to the doctor that you experience chest pain because of an indigestion problem, it can cover the truth that the pain you feel is the sign of an early heart attack. Worse, the chest pain can progress into light-headedness and shortness of breath.

Fortunately, there are medical exams and check-ups nowadays that help people identify their conditions through the help of modern technology. But, how long can you keep on relying on machinery, tests, and results? Machines will only give the numbers, but you, as a patient, can provide the eye doctor in Singapore, the real, authentic human experience.

For an accurate medical diagnosis, better read this article – with a reading glass – to prepare for your eye clinic visit in Singapore.

The Looming Risk of Misdiagnosis

Medical malpractice can be intentional or unintentional. Accept that some doctors make mistakes too, but don’t be afraid to take legal actions if it’s intentional. After all, they risk your life, and even billions or trillions of money can’t take that back. So, what would happen if your eye specialist in Singapore misdiagnosed you? Find out in the list below about the possible risks you don’t want to happen:


  • Worsening Medical Conditions – If you find your eyes getting more blurry even after visiting an eye clinic, take time to evaluate if the doctor is giving you the correct diagnosis. For example, the signs that your cataract is worsening are double vision, dull colouring, and worse blindness.
  • Delayed Recovery – Instead of recovering, you will find yourself falling into the vortex of more medical problems. If your eye doctor misdiagnoses you, recovery may be impossible to achieve because you’re undergoing the wrong treatments.
  • Medical Bills are Getting Higher! – Since misdiagnosis is delaying your recovery, you’ll come back to the eye specialist clinic in Singapore more often. With this, you’ll pay for more consultation fees and unnecessary medical needs.
  • Augment Diseases – If you only experience a headache in the first visit to your eye clinic and come back with more eye problems, it means the misdiagnosis puts a repercussion on your body.
  • Worse, Wrongful Death – You only have one life, and it’s a waste if you die for the wrong reason. Misdiagnosis increases the chances of untimely death. To avoid this, make sure to share what you feel and experience with the doctor.

Not to scare you, misdiagnosis can happen to everyone. Even qualified doctors can give false reports if you don’t know how to ask the right questions. To save yourself, continue reading the article to learn the questions to inquire when consulting your eye doctor in Singapore.


Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor for Accurate Diagnosis

There’s a difference between numbers and real-life human experience. Your experience in the real world can speak for itself! Although medical exams are helpful, they will be futile if you’re undergoing the wrong exams for your medical condition. To help your eye specialist produce an accurate diagnosis, here are some questions that might help during your consultation:


1) Which Eye Exams Do I Need?

As you consult your eye doctor, ask more about the exams before you undergo them. This way, you’ll ease your anxiety because you know the how’s and why’s of your medical exam. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor the instrument they will use because it can help you prepare before undergoing them.

Also, don’t forget to ask the eye doctor about the possible side effects of your eye exams. As a patient, you have the right to say no to the doctor, as long as you feel that it’s the right decision—a balance between listening to an eye specialist and evaluating your condition can make you safe from misdiagnosis.

2) Can You Explain the Results?

Upon receiving your medical exam results, kindly ask your doctor to explain every detail on the paper. Don’t try to analyse it by yourself because you can misdiagnose your eye condition. Some doctors may not describe the results adequately, maybe because they don’t see the need for it. Either way, make an effort and go to your eye doctor for an explanation.

While asking for the result explanation, you should also ask the eye specialist in Singapore about the next step. Do you need surgery or home care treatment? What medicines to take? , etc.

3) What Signs or Symptoms Should I Give Attention?

It cannot be apparent when it comes to signs and symptoms because some give mixed signals. Your headache may come from fatigue, eye strain, depression, etc.  Hence, ask your eye doctor in Singapore about showing the importance of significant signs and symptoms. This way, you can monitor if it’s worsening or improving.

Having this information, you will know the need to visit your eye specialist clinic in Singapore. When something unusual happens to your symptoms, your doctor can treat them right away. In medical conditions, fast response time makes a big difference.

4) What are the Treatments I Need?

Now, it’s time for your treatment process: ask your doctor if home treatment is enough or if surgery like LASIK surgery in Singapore will be appropriate. The therapy will help you recover from your eye condition in the long run. It’s better to know your options so you can choose the proper process. Also, consider your schedule and budget to avoid more complications.

But don’t worry because a reliable eye doctor will give the correct treatment process most of the time. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your treatment procedure to ease your worries.

5) Do I Need to Change My Lifestyle?

Your efforts, from consulting an eye clinic in Singapore to finding the proper treatment procedure, will go to waste if you don’t change your lifestyle. Before you leave the clinic, don’t forget to ask what changes you need to make in your daily routine. With this, you can establish a better result and improve your overall life quality.

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