Bicycling is known for its long list of benefits it provides you. Not only is cycling one of the best cardio exercises for you, but it’s also a fast, sustainable way to get around. It’s also ideal as a leisurely hobby; after all, nothing beats a day at East Coast Park using a family bicycle with your loved ones. 

However, bikes need maintenance, as all types of vehicles do. If your bike needs something, here are five services from a repair bicycle shop

1. Bicycle Servicing

Bike servicing in Singapore is reliable, and you’ll be able to find a repair shop in almost any area. From a flat tire to snapped components, a bicycle repair shop is always filled with experts who can make your bike as good as new in no time. 

2. Provides Spare Parts

If you’re handy and know a thing or two about bicycle maintenance, you might prefer to skip the servicing and work on your bicycle yourself. If that’s the case, make sure you have a good stock of spare parts so you’re ready for anything that may happen to your bicycle. Bike servicing shops in Singapore don’t just offer their services; chances are they also have every part your bike may ever need. Some even have an online catalogue, so you don’t have to leave the house to buy spare parts.

3. Repair and Installation of Spare Parts

On the other hand, if you have spare parts but need to learn how to install them, you can take them and your bike to a repair shop for bike servicing in Singapore. Many bike experts will gladly teach you a thing or two while working on your bike so that you can fix your bike quickly the next time it needs it.

4. Bicycle Assembling

Boxed bicycles can be convenient for some, but others might not have the time or energy to assemble a bike from scratch. If you don’t want to go through the bicycle assembly process, you can take it to a repair bicycle shop and enquire if they have bicycle assembly services. As experts who have assembled dozens of bikes before, you can ensure that your bike will be ready for you in no time, and you can cycle your way back home afterwards.

5. Bicycle Delivering

Did you order a new bike online or leave it with a repair shop for some heavy servicing and maintenance checks? If so, your repair bicycle shop will also offer bicycle delivery services. If you don’t have time to get your bicycle, let them know, and they’ll deliver it to your home when it’s ready.

Whether you need bike servicing in Singapore or want some spare parts to keep just in case, you can take care of all your bicycle’s needs with Coastline Leisure. In addition to these services, you can enjoy cycling coaching lessons and rollerblade rentals to enjoy the East Coast life to the fullest. View their selection of bicycles, browse through their catalogue of spare parts, and take a peek at any upcoming events by visiting their website today.