How to Motivate Yourself Even if You Don’t Feel Like Dancing

You are just a human being. You feel sad, anxious, worried, and sometimes lazy to do things around. There are days when you feel like lying on your bed and watching your favourite series on Netflix. It’s acceptable to give yourself a break but don’t stay like this for the rest of your life. It’s better to have motivation to move forward and achieve your goals.

You’ll encounter days when you don’t feel like dancing like a ballet dancer. It’s okay and remember to follow these tips to keep your motivation high during your ballet class in Singapore.

1) Take Pride in Your Small Wins

Focus on the present instead of your future. Celebrate the small wins you achieved today. For example, the time you decide to attend your ballet fitness classes in Singapore despite feeling down. You can also credit yourself for limiting your time on social media. There are many things to celebrate, and they are part of your foundation as a successful dancer.

Your motivations can also remind you of the things you’ve accomplished. Yes, there are days when you feel like you have not achieved anything yet. But in reality, you have come too far! Be more mindful about the things you gain. So, you can keep yourself inspired to do what’s good for you.

2) Follow Inspirational People

Social media is an excellent tool to connect with inspirational people. You can customise your followings on your Instagram or Facebook to keep yourself motivated. There are many successful ballet dancers, and you can follow them on their social media accounts to get your daily dose of inspiration. Consider following Lizzy Howell, who defies the odds of becoming a ballet dancer. You can watch her inspirational story in Dhar Mann’s video

When you follow these inspirational dancers, you can keep yourself motivated while attending your ballet fitness class. You can set your mind to your goals and trust that you can do it like other successful dancers.

3) Focus on Your Improvement

Comparing yourself to others will kill your confidence! So, avoid saying: why are my classmates more flexible than me? Why can they do pirouettes perfectly? Instead of focusing on the negative part of yourself, why not try to be more mindful of your improvement? You were a lot better a week or a month before. Once you do this, you can see how it can change your mindset for the better.

Keep this in mind when attending ballet beginner classes for adults. You will meet different people from all walks of life. You can know their life stories and take a lesson or two from their life experiences.

4) Help Other People

Helping other people can also make you feel motivated. It doesn’t mean you have to brag about what you know about ballet dancing. It’s also not about showing off your ballet skills like the arabesque. Guiding other people means you’re passing down your knowledge to them. For example, when attending a ballet fitness class, you can assist your classmates if they find it hard to execute a ballet move.

Indeed, helping others can make you feel motivated and confident because of your empathy. You attend dance classes to connect with other people and improve your skills.

5) Accept Failures

For some people, failure steals their motivation to do better. Once they experience a mistake, they will say: I am not good at this. Maybe it’s not for me. No, because successful ballet dancers will say that mistakes are part of your journey. Before achieving success, failures will teach you things and make you a better dancer.

So, when attending your ballet fitness classes, there’s nothing wrong with making a mistake. It’s part of the process. The only thing you need to do is to remember the lessons for better performance.

6) Look for Mentors

When you seek mentorship, your mentors can give you motivation when you need it the most. You can get genuine mentorship from your teachers at the ballet fitness class. Your teacher should be approachable and help you with the right mindset when practising ballet class. For this reason, you can also make yourself feel more inspired to attend a  ballet based workout.

A mentor can also give tips and tricks on handling days when you don’t feel like dancing. They have also experienced those lazy days and are experts in handling them like professionals.

7) Try Different Style

To keep yourself motivated, you can also try other ballet dance styles. Sometimes, you might feel monotonous, making you unmotivated to attend your ballet class in Singapore. You can try ballet as an art form or workout routine. You can also try different styles, like classical, romantic, contemporary, and neo-classical. Trying different dance styles will also open you to developing your skills in other forms. This way, you can reach your full potential.

8) Join Live Performances

The best way to motivate yourself is to see the fruits of your labour. To do so, you can join live performances in your ballet fitness class. Hearing people applauding you can inspire you to perform better for future live shows. You can also invite your friends and family to watch you perform. Who knows, you might inspire a young kid in the audience and follow in your footsteps.

Keep yourself motivated by following these tips above as you attend a ballet fitness class at BalletBody. Visit their website to learn more about their class schedules.