The world and its inhabitants face countless problems daily—including our issue with excessive trash. In 2019, the National Environment Agency said that Lion City produced about 5.88 million tonnes of solid waste with 60,000 tonnes of electronic e-waste yearly. Only 6% of these old or broken computers, phones, televisions, and other devices get recycled since not many residents know what to do with them. Moreover, some individuals do not understand the importance of e waste recycling in Singapore and throw their gadgets and technological accessories in landfills.

To help you become a better citizen of the country, follow these four e recycling tips Singapore experts have recommended to minimise the trash we produce, prevent mishaps involving e-waste, and preserve our resources:

1. Learn About E-Waste And Its Effects

Before following any electronic waste recycling guidelines in Singapore, educate yourself about the items considered e-trash. Research the effects of these objects on the environment and why you need to practise e-waste recycling.

2. Avoid Mixing Your Electronics With Household Trash

E-waste does not belong in the trash with plastic bottles or food. Put old and unusable devices in a separate bag or container until you find a facility that handles electronic recycling in Singapore.

3. See Which Items Can Are Repairable

Before throwing a gadget or accessory, see if you can fix the item. You could head to a repair shop or mend the device yourself, but you could also visit a friend and ask them to restore it. If the item is beyond repair, you could take it to an e recycling facility in Singapore.

4. Work With An E-Waste Management Company

Seeking the expertise of an electronic or e-waste recycling company is arguably the best way to minimise your e-trash. Members of these facilities also receive training to understand how to handle specific devices and accessories.

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