Have you considered customizing your t-shirts, but you can’t afford a professional designer to develop them for you? This is a common situation, which happens in several scenarios such as:

  • At times when you need to validate a business idea at the lowest possible cost before you can start mass-producing t-shirts.
  • Microenterprises that need to produce uniforms or institutional materials but do not have the skilled labour or budget to produce the service.
  • People who choose to use creative custom t-shirts designed based on their ideas and references, and don’t want to invest large amounts in t shirt printing online.

Canva is a platform for easy-to-use design creation that delivers great results for both professionals and lay users. With Canva, you develop prints and other images without any knowledge of image manipulation and editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or CorelDRAW.


Whether you are a professional designer or not, in any creative process it is important to research references and inspirations to get your idea off the ground. These references can come from well-executed work, prints you enjoy, or another reference source that can help you develop exactly what you want to communicate!

Get To Work!

Having defined the references and with the idea of your print in mind, it’s time to put the idea on the “paper” and develop the print that will turn your custom t-shirt!

As we mentioned earlier, you will not need to use advanced editing software, or have the experience to develop prints. What you need to create your gear is available within the Canva toolset.

You can create prints with illustrations, photographs available in the image bank, or create your prints by uploading images straight from your computer, Facebook or Instagram. Be it your company logo, the art of your development, or an inspiring phrase that never left your mind!

Creating Your Prints From Ready-Made Templates

Are you uninspired to create a “scratch” print? How about using one of the images from Canva’s template pack? There are several ready-made compositions available for you to choose and edit as you prefer!