BBQs2U family has been selling premium brand grills and accessories, since 2002. The small family business in Abersoch, Pwllheli started this shop to offer passionate smokers and grillers the best BBQing experience. Barbequing is not limited to a single season. Foodies can enjoy it all year round choosing the suitable grill from a variety of brands like Napoleon, Ooni Pizza oven, Masterbuilt, and Kamado Joe. 

BBQs2U has chosen brands that manufacture quality BBQs and provide unrivaled post-sales customer service. The family business is built on integrity and values. The in-stock orders are delivered the very next day across the UK. UK free delivery is for orders more than £100. 

BBQs2U experts love the versatility and flexibility of the Kamado Joe product line. Kamado grills are time-tested and evolved over centuries. They still depend on supreme heat rendition of the ceramic shell and venting system. Modern-day Kamado Joe has not ignored the basic properties that make it versatile and capable of grill, smoke, sear or bake. Impressive Kamado Joe advantages are listed below, which are not limited.

  • Heat retention – The ceramic shell offers strong insulation and is captured to cook food. The heat and moisture are locked throughout cooking time. 
  • Even heating – Ceramic is a poor heat conductor. The temperature stays stable as heat radiates too slowly across the cooking chamber. The heat effect is consistent and where ever the meat is put in the chamber, it cooks evenly. KJ has an in-built thermometer for controlling the interior temperature for the entire cooking time. Thus the concerns about too cooked or uneven cooking are eliminated. 
  • Less loss of moisture – The vent setting allows a low level of draft to enter the grill. Therefore the food is not exposed to dry air that robs the moisture.

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  • Fuel efficiency – As the ceramic walls capably retain heat for long, they consume less amount of fuel in comparison.
  • Versatile cooking – Allows using different cooking styles including roasting, baking, searing, grilling, smoking, and barbecuing. There are special accessories designed to ease each cooking style.
  • Extraordinary flavors – Nasty taste of light fluids gets absorbed into the ceramic, so foodies can enjoy traditional charcoal BBQ flavors. 
  • Long-lasting – Ceramic is a fragile material but with proper care, it can last for generations. 
  • SloRoller Hyperbolic technology – The SloRoller Hyperbolic smoke chamber manipulates the airflow within the grill. It creates a ring, which blasts the cooking surface and food with a smoky flavor.
  • 2 half-moon heat reflectors – It helps to create heat zones for open flame and indirect heating. 
  • Easy to clean – ceramic absorbs the liquid, so no liquid is needed to clean the interiors. After cooking is done, get the grills extremely hot for a couple of minutes, so everything burns off. A removable ash box simplifies the cleaning process. 

BBQs2U offers a live grilling demonstration. For updates about their upcoming discounts or demonstration follow them on Facebook. Even if Kamado grills are traditional cookers, Kamado Joe has equipped it with modern technology making it more advantageous in performance and use.