There are obviously some exceptions but the one-page CV is very largely the best choice. Today’s recruiters receive too many applications that they cannot afford to spend more than 6 seconds en each resume. Here, you will find advises to write and submit a short but very effective curriculum vitae.

Customize your CV and Sort out your Experiences

The part devoted to professional experience often causes a space problem in a CV. This is an essential section that can occupy up to 50% of the total surface of the document. But even devoting so much space to it, it is sometimes difficult to insert all of your past experiences, especially when you are a senior applicant with more than 10 to 15 years of career with several different employers. In such a case, how to proceed? Personalizing your resume will help you to sort it out.

If you are applying in finance and you have past experience in marketing, for example, you can mention it without going into details. Only one line is enough. You can download a cv model of one page and make sure all the important information are inserted in it.

Choose Striking Keywords and Figures in your CV

Many candidates struggle doing the necessary synthetic work in the description of relevant experiences and skills which are related to the position sought. Using numbers and keywords rather than long sentences is the best solution. The building of a CV is not literature, make use of tools such as dashes and asterisks to get straight to the point on the elements to remember. It can be the number of people managed, an increase in turnover or the size of an order book, etc.

Four key points per experience is the maximum if you do not want to exceed seven lines per former position. It already includes the dates, the job title, the sector and some essential keywords and figures.

Give Links to External Contents

Another tip is referring to external content in your resume. In the header, a link to a LinkedIn account and/or a personal site or blog allows the recruiter to further investigate if they want to. At the bottom of the page, you can also specify that a long version of your CV is available if needed. Also tell yourself that the cover letter accompanying the CV is a good way to develop a point that you consider relevant to your application. For instance, you can emphasize a significant experience related to the position sought in it.