There is a lot of products based on Cannabidiol, known as CBD. Nowadays you can buy from oils to food products created from this substance. Oils are generally a potent nutritional dietary supplement with a different concentration of CBD, without generating addiction or producing side effects. This oil is an organic and safe product, because it is obtained through a technology that allows you to preserve the components found in the original plant. The synergistic action of the nutrients makes it very valuable and beneficial for health. Therefore, many people are including this product in their diet in order to experience the positive effects of phytonutrients.

Other products available are creams and ointments, whose main effect is anti-inflammatory, when applied to the skin. The heat / cold factor helps to not only relieve localized pain to someone who have a disease, but also to athletes and even dancers who have pain in their muscles after hours of training and efforts. Another way to apply it to the skin is to use the patches, although these, despite having topical application, release its contents to the bloodstream.

There are also products on the market, such as edible CBD, like tea bags and capsules. This category could include inhaled CBD, by means of a vaporizer.

Other options that can be found in the catalogs of stores that sell CBD are seeds of varieties rich in CBD or crystals, which have a very high concentration of this component.

The effect of these CBD products is variable, with the inhalation being the fastest (immediate), followed by oil and creams (20-30 minutes), edible CBD like capsules or infusions (2 hours) and, finally, patches, whose effect is somewhat more delayed and usually happen at 4 hours.

To maintain the consistency and integrity of the raw material, make sure you buy it in a trusted place, which has processes that follow strict quality controls, specially designed to keep the purity and properties of the CBD unaltered, which also allows you to avoid products that have psychotropic substances, narcotic drugs, pathogenic microorganisms and pesticides.

It should also be taken into account that smoked or “vaped” cannabidiol is sometimes related to lung damaged, caused by the combustion in the respiratory tract and that the capsules contain ingredients like gelatin, so vegan and vegetarians can’t use it. With this, it can be said that most versatile and safest way to administer CBD is by oil, which provides freedom when choosing the dose and the mode of application,