For the past years, the security of people has been tight with the help of CCTV cameras. It makes people feel safe wherever they are, especially when night comes. Many CCTV companies in Singapore produce more secured and high-quality CCTV cameras to ensure that everything needed for the security of people is there. You can put it in public places, streets, malls, buildings, and even at your home.


Even though people know why you should install a CCTV camera, you could never avoid those people who do not believe in it no matter how much the CCTV has proved itself. You can search for CCTV companies that could help you enlighten you about the purpose, benefits, and advantages of having it in your home.

These are some of the reasons why people look for a CCTV promotion package in Singapore:


CCTV cameras are one of the things that help resolve crimes in the community. Without it, many wrongdoings would have continued because of a lack of evidence. CCTV footage could be evidence to protect people.


Being aware of your surroundings is necessary. However, not all people can do that. Many criminals have been aware of doing their crimes because of CCTV cameras. They limited their movements, which also lessens the crime rates. You need to be careful at all times, whether it is day or night. You could look for a CCTV promotion package to help you in securing your place from bad happenings.


If you search for a CCTV supplier in Singapore, you will know that there are many kinds of CCTV cameras, and all of them have different features that would suit your needs. One of them is an IP camera.

IP camera could provide real-time alerts or notifications on your smartphone. The cautions are from the movements made near your place. But to continue having this feature, you need to check if you have storage to hold videos captured and recorded by the IP camera.


Not all CCTV cameras could recognise a face because it depends on the kind of CCTV you own. But, recognising faces is one of the main reasons why CCTV cameras exist. Without this feature, having security cameras could be nothing. Many CCTV companies have been improving the cameras they make. It is to ensure that every element needed is in one camera.


Many people do not know that a CCTV camera could be for plate number recognition. It is one of the features that you will see in them through detecting and analysing the video. It works in establishments with parking lots like businesses and malls. Ask your CCTV supplier which kind of camera is for automatic number plate recognition or ANPR.


There are CCTV cameras that are sensitive when it comes to detecting movements. It is one of the unique features of a CCTV camera because it alerts people to be aware of the environment. However, you need to have backups and enough storage to record the videos. Look for a CCTV promotion package that has all the things you need.

CCTV cameras have proved their purpose to people. Even if many people are against and do not believe in what a CCTV camera can do, the advantages are undeniably efficient. Whether you put it in your building or your home, you will ensure the safety of your surroundings with the help of a CCTV camera.



Buying a CCTV camera might look easy, but there are many things that you need to think of before purchasing one. If you do not have enough knowledge about it, you could ask your CCTV supplier anytime or check the information provided by CCTV companies about their products.

If you want to know more about these, check for the following:


The most necessary thing that you need to see in a CCTV camera is the quality of the video it produces. Look for a CCTV promotion package that is high-resolution but cost-efficient. It would also help you be on your budget, especially if you need storage for the recording files from your CCTV camera.


One of the things that you need to look for in a CCTV promotion package is if they offer camera installation. It will help you be sure that the camera will work and it is in the right place. The arrangement will depend on you, but the installation will be from the CCTV supplier itself.

If you know how to do it, it is okay if you do not get the camera installation offer on the package. However, there will be no price changes.


Before spending your money on a CCTV camera, you need to check if it records once you turn it vertically or horizontally. It will assist you to cover more areas, which will help to see a wider part of your place. This feature is for establishments where many people enter and exit.


There are CCTV companies in Singapore that produce CCTV cameras with motion and audio sensors. And if you have the budget, you should look for this one. Aside from the sensors, it could also give you notifications if there are unusual movements in the place. There is a mobile application for it.


The naked eyes could not see in total darkness. But with the help of a night vision feature, you could see what is happening in your surroundings. Ask the CCTV supplier if they have one with a night sensor and see if it would suit your needs.


Before installing your CCTV camera, you need to check the accessories inside the box. It is to ensure that there are no missing parts or items. If there is, it would be hard for you to install it. The necessary things you need to see in there are a power adaptor, power screws, and cables.

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