Wondering how to determine the age of batteries in the used electric or gas golf cart? At Golf Trolleys UK, we the most frequently heard question is related to the topic – batteries. 

Find out more information on the right method to determine the age of batteries in the used golf cart:

 Concluding the age of the battery is one of the common reasons that most of the people seams confused when purchasing the used golf cart. There are several ways to check and easily determine the age of the battery. The simplest method to determine the age of the battery is by checking the stamp on the post. 

Even if the battery looks brand new, have a closer look to identify the actual date of the batteries. All the batteries will have a stamp on the terminal, sticker or battery case that indicates the age of the battery. Check for the stamp that could denote something like – A 6 or H 9 which is the month and year it was manufactured. 

  1. a) The alphabet on the stamp indicates the month and the layout for the months are – 

A – January

B – February

C – March

D – April

E – May

F – June

G – July

H – August

I – September

J – October

K – November

L – December

  1. b) And the second digit determines the year of the battery. 

For instance, A 6 – Letter A – is the first letter in the alphabet, January and the digit 6 stands for the year 2016. Similarly, H 9 stands for August 2019.

Hence, it is easier to determine the age of the battery if you can find the stamp on it. Now, for L 7 would mean batteries are from December 2017, but it could also stand for December 2007. But remember that the batteries rarely last 10 years, and if they did, that are more chances of minimal working and less likely to be cleaned thoroughly by the dealers. Contact Golf Trolleys UK to find out more information on determining the age of the battery.

And even if you are not able to determine the age using the stamp on it, pull up the sticker on the top of the battery and check for the date of manufacture that is printed on the battery. 

Points to remember when checking for the age of battery:

  1. The date code could be displayed in different locations. The location varies for a different brand of batteries in the golf cart.
  2. The date code, in general, is indicated by an alphabet followed by a number (A0, I9).
  3. The letter determines the month of manufacture, A indicates the month of January through L that stands for December.
  4. The number on the stamp is a single digit that indicates the year of production of the battery. 

The battery type, maintenance and age are the three important aspects that you need to know when purchasing the refurbished electric golf carts. By understanding the type of battery used in the cart, its age and maintenance help you in the better decision of buying the right vehicle. At Golf Trolleys UK, our experts can help you with a better understanding of the various batteries used. Connect with us find out more information about the batteries used in the cart and how to determine the best one while you purchase the refurbished one.