Most homeowners would often decide to change their home layout every now and then. Some would invest in new living room furniture items. On the other hand, others opt to rearrange and make decorations without spending thousands of dollars on home renovation or interior design services. With so many interior design styles, most people today prefer the style of minimalism or other cleaner and simplistic designs. 

Homeowners are more familiar today with the concept of minimalism thanks to inspiring designs and resources found online. Minimalism involves stripping down everything to its basic form. It eliminates unnecessary details and leaves only the necessities behind. Home can implement minimalistic interior designs by uncluttering the area and focusing only on the bare essentials for establishing a simple and clean space. 

Whether you plan to buy a new dining chair in Singapore or refinish your existing furniture and rearrange your decor, it’s vital to understand how you can arrange your furniture and determine the elements for implementing minimalistic design successfully.

The Most Basic Elements Of Minimalistic Design

Here are the most basic elements in minimalist interior design that homeowners should know:

Monochromatic colour palette

Minimalism doesn’t use bright and bold colours. Instead, it takes full advantage of a neutral colour palette like greys, whites, and beige due to its soft natural shades. These neutral colours or monochromatic palette are the most usual colours you will incorporate to decorate your space and capture the essence of minimalism since it helps reduce the form of colours down to their simplest look without compromising elegance.  

Clean lines

If you’re planning to buy a sofa or coffee table in Singapore, your furniture and accessories should focus more on functionality over design. An item of minimalistic furniture should have clean lines with a flat and smooth surface without having well-detailed ornamentations to reveal the barest nature of each item. Hence, every piece of furniture for minimalistic spaces should evoke purity and simplicity in every shape and form.

Uncomplicated coverings and finishes

The nature of minimalistic design for each space is uncomplex with facile finishes or coverings. Since areas in minimalistic styles are in an open plan layout to create a sense of relaxation and cleanliness, each furniture covering and wall finish should provide clarity in a plain form while exhibiting its physical characteristics. Adding a touch of textures can create a visual appeal and attraction. After all, it’s a great pair with your bedroom and living room furniture items.

Devoid of decoration

If you’re worried about whether you should do a wee bit of decorative work to your walls and ceilings, the good news is that minimalistic style is devoid of decorative forms. Minimalist designs use minimum objects without ornamented details and clutter from accessories or objects to fill a room. It does not use complexities as traits, and it resorts to pairing items only that are functional and necessary for the space.

Achieving Minimalism With A Good Strategic Use Of Materials & Items


Whether it’s the use of a sofa and chairs or buying a side table in Singapore is what would complete the look of your room, everything will lie in the strategic use of textures, visual interests and personalities. You might feel tempted to leave everything in an organised position, but a decent minimalistic interior design is about having then following that strategy. 

Forms, details, and materials should blend together apart from eliminating other unnecessary possessions and items to fill the void space. The intention and clarity must be apparent. Hence you must choose the right arrangement order of items within the area, whether it’s a bedroom or living room furniture. Remember that it’s also about drawing attention to the texture and shape of things rather than focusing on a few handfuls of elements altogether. It is not-so-secret in minimalistic design strategy.

Creating A Minimal Living Room With Furniture


So you might be thinking about what type of coffee table or towel rack in Singapore would do for a minimalistic design. With so many styles of items you can look for, it’s easy to get swayed into choosing the wrong ones when your intent is to create a minimalistic space. A soothing environment is more than just a home devoid of clutter. Here are helpful suggestions to help you attain that minimalistic appearance in your living room area:

Go for furniture with exposed legs

Minimalism embodies a clutter-free space. Hence the furniture you choose along the way will help you fulfil that goal. Going for furniture items with exposed legs helps create an illusion of open space and a lighter look. It also evokes a ‘brightly’ and ‘airy’ appealing design that is best for living room spaces.

Consider sleek and modern furniture with a minimal look

Whether you’re planning to buy a coffee table or dining set, it’s often ideal to go for furniture items that are not cumbersome with various materials and styles. Sleek and modern-themed furniture without much ornamentation and designs is advisable for creating tidy and sophisticated zones.

Incorporate simple artworks

Minimalistic designs can also use artwork pieces apart from the barest living room furniture items. However, be sure to go for the ones with simple, clean and bright pieces.

Go for a neutral-coloured sofa

Sofas are among the most prominent pieces of furniture in every living room. Hence it’s vital that you choose neutral palettes or lighter-coloured pastels to help balance the overall palette in the area. Additionally, consider going for low-maintenance to help you save time in cleaning and take off the burden of using numerous cleaning agents. 

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