One reason why Asians don’t let their shoes on inside the house is that dirty shoes get the floor and carpets filthy. Nevertheless, carpets and rugs will be soiled anyway, and they will eventually need a wash. But how will you wash them? Do it yourself or send them to a professional carpet cleaning service in Singapore?



If you want an affordable way to wash your carpet, DIY washing is the right one for you. 

In the traditional way of washing, you only need to spend on detergent, water, and brush which costs not as high as carpet cleaning services.

For little convenience, you can purchase steam cleaner machines used for carpets and sofa cleaning in Singapore. The upfront cost can be high, but you will save money in the long run. 

Professional carpet cleaning service

Similar to professional mattress cleaning, the price for carpet cleaning services varies, depending on the size of your rug, its fabric, and the quality of their service. 

Nevertheless, they are more expensive than DIY cleaning. 



You have to allot time, sometimes an entire day if you do it with soap and scrub, to wash your rug. The bigger the carpet, the longer it takes to be cleaned. 

It also takes time or days to dry. 

Professional carpet cleaning service

The only thing you need to do is pack your carpet and send it to a professional carpet cleaning service in Singapore. You can do other household chores or relax at home while waiting for your carpet to be delivered back. 



 Steam cleaning machines are not as effective as professional carpet cleaning services. The lack of knowledge on stain removal, urine cleaning, and other carpet problems compromise the quality of DIY cleaning. 

 Professional carpet cleaning service

Carpet cleaning services know how to clean any stain on any type of carpet material. 

Additionally, they have the right equipment, too. 

Which one do you think is better? 

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