The very essence of faith based recovery programs is to treat the soul of their patients. Spiritual upliftment is the sole focus of these programs. For an addict getting these sessions is like getting a new identity. It can help them rebuild their life.

Moreover, this is not a newfound method. The relationship between addiction recovery and faith is an old one and has helped many. Even today, seventy-three percent of addiction treatment in the US has elements of faith and spirituality. This is because it is impossible to conquer addiction if the addict does not have a stable mental state and a better understanding of his own beliefs and spirituality.

Now there are numerous benefits of joining faith based recovery programs. The first and foremost is getting rid of the addiction but that is not the only one. The other benefits are listed below.

Benefits of faith based recovery programs –

  • Being a part of a community – undergoing a faith based recovery program means the patient gets to be a part of a community. Being an addict means that isolations and loneliness are the only companions they have.

This leads to even more depression and mental health problems. However, being part of a community means that the patients get to be a part of something. The human contact that was no longer a part of their life gets reintroduced.

  • Positive religious coping skills develop – when they are a part of a community, they get to meet new people and interact with them. This helps them increase their people skills. Moreover, the people in a religious community take part in meditation, prayers, and other activities to understand the meaning of life.

These regular activities help the patient gather a positive outlook on life which is like the stepping stone to getting rid of addiction.

  • Getting a new identity – not in literal terms but addiction can make a person question all their life choices and beliefs. This makes them forget their identity or ruins it totally. These faith based recovery programs make them rethink and help them rebuild their identity.

The knowledge of spirituality and faith makes them self-aware. Hence the way they can understand and get to know themselves is something they could never do before.

This list is a very short one. And the depth of all the benefits can not be penned down. The faith based recovery programs not only help them recover from the addiction but also helps them be a part of the society. The isolation that made their life miserable no longer gets to affect them.

When an addict enrolls in these programs, they have no purpose or hope in life. All they can understand is the craving that they are addicted to. This makes them forget the meaning of life too. Despite that when they leave faith based recovery programs they form a belief, and they get to know the purpose and meaning of life. This gives them hope to go on with their lives and rebuild them just the way they want.