Fassona beef is a very popular delicacy in Italy. It is often compared to the better known Veneto style beef. But unlike Veneto beef, Fassona beef originates from the Piedmont area of Italy. And like Veneto beef, Fassona cattle also give birth to extremely strong, beautiful young offspring – the Fassona sires.

Fassona beef, unlike Veneto or other Italian beef breeds, is not cattle breed but rather a cross between a stag and a bison. When a bison is in estrus, which is roughly four days after mating, a stag will mate with a female that is already pregnant. When the stag is born, the female will produce a litter of sires, which are the Fassona sires. The meat from these sires is used to make the Fassona, a delicacy similar to Venetian. The difference between Fassona and Veneto beef is that Veneto beef comes from a cross between a bull and a steer, while Fassona cattle are cross between a bison and a steer.

The Italian people have long appreciated the health benefits of Fassona beef, especially since this type of meat is lower in fat content than most other types of Italian meat. This is why Fassona is often served as an appetizer on special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations. Because Fassona is such a low fat meat, it is also ideal for weight loss plans.

Historically, Fassona beef cattle were raised primarily for their meat value and the low production costs associated with this breed allowed the Fassona breed to spread throughout the entire Italian countryside. Today, Fassona is recognized as the most popular breed of Italian cattle, with over twenty-five million mature cattle (out of a total herd of eighty million) spread out across the various regions in Italy. Most Fassona cows are cross between different breeds, giving the Veneto variety a history of producing low fat cattle.

Veneto beef, similar to Fassona, originated in Veneto, Italy during the Middle Ages. This part of Italy is best known for its rich beef production, but contrary to popular belief, Veneto beef is not solely limited to beef: in fact, the town is an important producer of excellent quality poultry and venison. Some specialists are even able to produce venison that is worthy of serving at fancy dinner parties! When you’re looking for a Veneto beefsteak or Fassona beef, the options available to you may seem somewhat limited, but you’d be surprised to know that there are a number of really good places to buy top quality Veneto beef, from specialist meat suppliers to family restaurants. If you’re looking to build a beefsteak or beef tartare, the options available to you will leave you with lots of options, but if you’re looking to create a tasty meal for a family with young children, then you’re probably going to want to focus your search for Veneto beef.

Another well-known Italian breed of cattle is the piedmontese breed, more popularly recognized as the “Dugan” breed. These animals were originally raised on large pastures across the mountainous regions of the Dolomites (modern day Switzerland). Originally, the piedmontese breed was developed to provide the much-needed meat to support the miners in what was considered the last part of the old feudal economy in Italy. The original organ meat was cooked and made into a delicious soup, and today the modern version of this hearty dish is as popular in Italy as it is in Switzerland and France.

Another great option for making Fassona beef, available for purchase at any reputable butcher in Italy or across the English-speaking world is the Fassona veal. This meat is usually leaner than the Piedmont style beef, making it a good choice for those who are watching their waistlines. If you’re planning on serving the meat to your family or to your fellow diners at a formal dining occasion, make sure you make the healthy option by choosing a leaner cut of Fassona meat.

Fassona beef has recently become something of a trend in American eating, due to the massive popularity of Italian-style pizza. Fassona is available for sale in many select supermarkets across America and is beginning to catch on in more traditional American cooking circles as well, especially because of the benefits that come with consuming an organic, grass-fed product. By selecting this beautiful and healthy beef, you’ll be adding a high-quality protein to your diet that will give you strong bones and an impressive body mass.