Some of them includes:


The importance of a good pair of hearing aids should not be underestimated as recommended by Anyone deserves a space with the music of their choice to relax, disconnect, or even liven up their working hours.

Allow your client to enjoy the music of their choice with a good sound experience and audio quality. What better if they are wireless; in this way, you provide greater comfort to your client.


This is the perfect gifts if your client travels a lot or has long wait times when visiting their clients. Or perhaps he is a regular reader in his spare time. A Kindle will be a gift that your client will appreciate and have a good time reading.

Kindle lets you download books in less than 60 seconds, without the need for a computer. It has options to sentences, look up definitions, translate words and adjust the text’s size, among other curiosities.

Things To Consider When Gifting A Client

Concerts And Other Cultural Or Sporting Experiences That Are Transmitted Virtually

Does your client love basketball? Double invite him to an exciting championship (not necessarily the most expensive one). Are you fond of academic music? Please send him a ticket to see that symphony that will be giving a virtual concert soon.

You will certainly be able to find several options according to your tastes, and you should acquire the accesses in the first moment, as this will prevent your client from making the purchase first.

Make Sure You Have The Correct Address

There is nothing worse than seeing a gift returned after trying to send it to a customer; it shows a lack of attention.

Ensure the postal address and, above all, the correct spelling of your client’s name.

When is it appropriate to send a gift or gift to a client?

Send a gift to all your customers at least once a year. Gifts will keep you on their minds while giving original gifts and details to nurture these relationships.

Carefully select when to deliver gifts to individual customers. Some customers, for example, might not celebrate Christmas. Check with your clients without asking specific questions about their religion or beliefs. The important thing is not the moment you offer them a gift: the important thing is to know and satisfy their preferences.

Another good time is after completing a large project or at a new product launch.

Make sure to avoid sending gifts at inappropriate times. For example, if you are currently trying to close an account with a competitor company of yours, or if you are involved in a bidding war with your competitor, or if your business is having a hard time, giving a gift could send the wrong message.

Mainly keep in mind that it is about reaching your customers and connecting with them. As a writer said, ‘People forget what you said, they forget what you did, but people never forget what you made them feel.”