K-dramas are gaining more popularity all over the world. You can see more K-dramas trending on Netflix month after month. Some notable works are Business Proposal, All Of Us Are Dead, Juvenile Justice, and Under the Queen’s Umbrella. Watching these shows are both enjoyable and educational. So, when attending a Korean class in Singapore, you can enhance your language skills by watching K-dramas in your free time. 

As you watch K-dramas, you can pick up some phrases that can familiarise yourself with the pronunciation. If you want to be fluent in Korean, here’s how K-drama can help you. 

1. Find A Genre You Like

K-dramas have many genres, from romance, thrillers, and science fiction, to historical periods. When you learn the Korean language, you can find a series where you can enjoy and adapt your pronunciation skills. You can also familiarise yourself with basic terms like aigoo, oppa, unnie, or eomma. 

2. You Can Use Subtitles

You can use subtitles to follow their tones when listening to actors speak. Choose a language you feel most comfortable with, like English or Chinese. In doing so, you can have a clue about grammar and vocabulary. Don’t forget to have a dictionary handy to learn new words. 

3. Watch Interviews For The Actors

After watching the K-drama series, you can watch interviews with the actors to learn more about pronunciation. So, as you attend a Korean language class in Singapore, you can be more familiar with the words. As a result, you’ll be more confident speaking Hangul in front of the class. 

4. Differentiate Korean Accents

When watching historical dramas, remember that they may have a different accent than modern Koreans. Learn when to choose historical dramas. You may also understand some slang and grasp the context behind it. It’s a learning experience when attending your Korean language course in Singapore. 

5. Listen To OSTs

K-drama fans also rave about OSTs because of their melodic tones. As a student, you can also learn Korean by listening to music. You can create a music playlist on Spotify or YouTube when commuting to the Korean language centre. Or perhaps, you can listen to the OST music while doing your daily errands.

Yes, watching K-dramas is not a guilty pleasure anymore! It can also be productive because you can be more fluent in Hangul. Be more fluent with ONLYOU Korean Language School in Singapore. Visit their website to learn more about their Korean language course.