“When you are in a race, the main aim is to finish the race and not win the race.”

When I first heard this phrase I though its writer was mistaken. It was not until I got involved into online gambling and casino games at w88 club that I understood its meaning. Gambling is not only about making money but also having fun and growing your mental skills.

So, what is Gambling?

Simply put, gambling is the act of venturing into or investing your money in an activity with an aim of making profits. Some gambling activities include betting, playing casino games, predicting changes in currencies (forex/Bitcoin trading) among others.

These activities are mostly done online through such platforms as w88 casino. These are an improved version of the traditional casinos. Other than some enhanced features, the only difference is that the traditional casino was physical while today’s are online.

Which games are found in online casinos?

There are hundreds of casino games that you would come across. These include: Black jack, Baccarat, slot games, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Keno, Sic bo, among others.

Other than these there are other sport games for which people bet. These include; football, soccer, rugby, baseball, volleyball, handball, band Minton, among others.

What do you require to join?

In order for you to join an online casino or any other gambling site, you need very few requirements. Basically, these are the few things you need to register for membership. These include:

  • Personal details: For you to create an account with any casino you will be required to fill in your personal details for the purposes of record keeping. These include; your full name, age, gender(optional), country of origin. You will also have to provide a means of communication. Email is preferred, though you could also give your phone contact number.
  • Bank details: Gambling involves transfer of money from one person to the other. You will have to make deposits and withdrawals. For this to be successful, your bank details are required. These will depend on your medium of transaction. Possibly, choose a universally acceptable means, like PayPal.
  • Registration Fee: to officially gamble and make money, you will be required to make deposits. These are what you use to make payments and bet.
  • Gadget: You need either a phone or desktop or any other gadget with strong internet connection to gamble. 

Which is the registration process?

There are very few basic steps that you ought to follow for successful registration:

    • Identify a casino: The very initial step is identifying a good casino. There are hundreds of these in the market and to settle for one needs you to be keen. There are such factors as legality and trustworthiness of a casino that you could consider to achieve this.
    • Do a demo game: Once you’ve found a good casino, create a demo account and give the games atrial. You can create the account with as many casinos as you want. This will help you gain experience.

  • Sign up: Once satisfied, sign up in a certain casino and go ahead to make you deposit and play.


Gambling is as simple as ABCD. By going through this article, you will have a glimpse of what it is all about.