It’s extremely vital to avoid using drugs while pregnant if you are pregnant or are thinking getting pregnant and want a healthy kid. Here is a complete view on How Can Drugs And Alcohol Effect Your Pregnancy?

The drugs that are not only harmful to fetal growth are illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. Utilic medications on the bottom line, together with chemicals like caffeine and alcohol, can have permanent repercussions on an unborn child.

How Does It Effect 

If you smoke, drink alcohol, or consume caffeine, the foetus does as well. When you use marijuana or crystal meth, your foetus feels the effects of these hazardous substances as well. And if you’re addicted to cocaine, commonly known as coke, snow, or blow, you’re not only jeopardising your own life, but you’re also risking the health of your unborn child. Cocaine use can lead to heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, and seizure. These potentially fatal health issues can also be passed on to an unborn child.

Pregnancy drug use raises the risk of birth abnormalities, preterm infants, underweight babies, and stillbirths. Prenatal exposure to substances such as marijuana (also known as weed, ganja, dope, or pot) and alcohol has been linked to behavioural issues in children. These medications can also have an impact on the child’s memory and attentiveness. 

Furthermore, some research suggests that kids born to mothers who use cocaine, alcohol, or cigarettes while pregnant may have brain structural abnormalities that last until early adolescence. While the effects of cocaine are generally instantaneous, the consequences on a foetus might last a lifetime. Babies born to moms who used crack cocaine during their pregnancies, and the babies develop very serious symptoms typically have their own set of physical and mental issues.