The divorce rate is increasing, and it seems like more people want to be single than to be in a relationship. It may be because of political unrest, climate change, and the gender equality movements. I, for example, don’t believe in love anymore, and after failed relationships, I decided to focus on myself. But after I surprised my parents with a balloon decoration in Singapore for their wedding anniversary, I was inspired by how strong their relationship is. They’ve been together for 42 years! 

My parents’ love has inspired me to believe that there is a person meant for me. Although it feels far-fetched, I hope I can also experience genuine love. So, celebrating my parent’s marriage is a delight to my heart. Plus, seeing other people’s love makes me hopeful for my romantic life! 

Let me share my story on how I surprised my parents for their wedding anniversary with a balloon decoration. 

How I Prepared  My Parent’s Wedding Anniversary with Balloon Decorations

The love between my parents is genuine and inspiring. They are role models for the young generations. I asked my parents how they made this relationship work. My dad answered: ‘Communicate properly. Adjust with each other’s quirks. Most importantly, don’t listen to what society tells you to do.’

Indeed, my mom was working while my dad stayed at home when I was a kid. And who cares? The relationship worked fine, and I grew up a productive and well-adjusted individual. 

For this reason, I wanted to celebrate my parents’ love for one another by looking for a hotel room decoration service in Singapore when we were vacationing. Here’s how I make it happen: 

1) Keeping The Surprise Secret

I was so excited about the wedding anniversary surprise for my parents that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. All of my friends know that I had planned a surprise celebration for my friends when we were vacationing. I have focused on not saying anything to my parents so as not to spoil the event. Luckily,  I successfully kept it a secret until the day of the surprise.

2) Prepared the Food

Of course, celebrations will not be complete without the food! Aside from preparing the helium balloons in Singapore,  I also ordered my parents’ favourite food so we could eat together. The atmosphere was simple yet intimate. I could still feel the spark between my parents during that moment. 

3) Preparing the Budget

I went all out on my parent’s wedding anniversary! After all, they had been celebrating their love for four decades. Of course, they deserve to be treated like kings and queens. Regarding budget, I never thought about spending because I wanted to make the surprise perfect. So, I ordered high-quality balloons and hired a professional to help me with the proposal set up in Singapore

4) Surprising with Gifts

As their daughter, I also gave them gifts as I appreciate them being good parents to me. They are also my role model when it comes to relationships. I gave my dad a Rolex watch while I gave him a designer bag for my mom. The simple wedding anniversary was intimate with only the three of us—a small yet happy family. 

Thanks to Hello Joi, the surprise wedding anniversary was a success! If you plan to celebrate your parents’ love, visit their website to check out their balloon decoration in Singapore.