Everyone knows that running a company is easier said than done. Despite the world’s technological advancement, the pillars of businesses remain the same. Business owners should learn how to value their customers and empower their employees. Do you have any idea how? The answer is CSR activities in Singapore and other places. 

If you are unfamiliar with CSR activities, keep reading. You will learn how to encourage your employees to participate in CSR activities that can lead to you attracting customers and turning them to become loyal customers. 

Part I: What Are CSR Activities?

The acronym in CSR activities stands for corporate social responsibility. It is an initiative that a company wants to play a role in so they can make a positive difference in communities and eventually in the world. 

To do this, however, a company needs the participation of its employees. After all, more is always better than one since the difference a company will make is much greater if everyone works together for one purpose. 

If you are a business owner that wants to start CSR activities in Singapore, reading the following might help. You will figure out how to encourage your employees to participate in this act of goodwill and make a difference in the community.  

Part II: 9 Tips For Encouraging Employees To Become Part Of CSR Activities In Singapore

1. Be A Role Model

Similar to how you followed your parents when you were younger, your employees will also do the same if you become their role model. After all, doing what people admire has become part of human nature.

One good example is celebrities or public figures. You should know that their fans not only idolise them by learning the latest happenings about them, but fans also show their support by buying the brand they are endorsing. 

In other words, if you become a role model, it will be easier for you to encourage your employees to become part of your CSR activities in Singapore. 

2. Let Employees Lead

Employees are also people. That means there are some things they want to do and do not want. If you let your employees lead, they will become more empowered to work hard to produce more impactful outcomes. 


To let your employees take the lead is to ask them. Asking your employees about what CSR activities in Singapore they want to do this year will motivate them, especially if it is related to their advocacy.  

3. Promote Volunteer Days

Promoting volunteerism requires your full cooperation. To guarantee your employees can join your ongoing CSR activities, let’s say children’s charity, you should dedicate a day when they can do their volunteering work. 

For instance, set aside a day so your employees can join your CSR activities.  To guarantee it will not hinder your business operation, consider setting aside a day per department. 

4. Get Others Involved

You can also encourage your employees to participate in your CSR activities if you get others involved. It will be helpful, especially if you plan to start a tax relief donation in Singapore.  

Even if they are not your employees, having more people participate in your CSR initiatives is excellent for your advocacy and brand image. No matter how big or small their help is, it can go a long way. 

5. Reward And Recognise

Another thing you can do to encourage your employees to participate in your CSR activities is to recognise their effort. 

For example, if one of your employees can help more children in your children’s charity in Singapore, you can reward them by letting other people know about their goodwill. Consider sharing a story about them on your business’s social media account and linking it to the published article on your website.

With this, more and more people will go to your website, which creates web traffic as they learn more about what happened in your CSR activities and the goodwill your employee has accomplished. 

6. Incorporate CSR Activities Into Business Processes

Incorporating CSR activities into your business processes means making it like an annual event for your company. Not only does this act as a breather to your employees, but they can also showcase their goodwill by becoming a part of your annual CSR activities.

7. Keep Employees Posted


If you create a crowdfunding platform in Singapore and some of your employees have participated, you should keep them posted about what happened. Letting them know where their donation went will encourage them to do it again and inspire other or new employees to do it as well. 

8. Ask For Feedback

Asking for feedback is the same as encouraging your customers to leave a review about your business. But in this case, you will be asking for feedback from your employees and your partnered non-profit organisation. 

With their suggestions, you can further enhance your CSR efforts and provide far better assistance to those in need.

9. Respond To Local Events

Your CSR activities will become more impactful if you are helping to respond to local events like people that got affected by the typhoon. Letting your employees know that you care about what is happening around you (in your local areas) is enough encouragement for them to join and help others with their effort. 

Are You Ready To Take CSR Activities Initiatives To The Next Level?

Changing someone’s mind does not happen overnight. That also applies to your employees. If you want them to take part in your business’s CSR activities initiatives, start small and be a role model for them to follow. 

In that case, consider partnering with Singapore Children’s Society and joining their children’s charity in Singapore to help more children, especially those who belong to impoverished families. 

Give Singapore Children’s Society a call at +65 6273 2010 or leave a message on their website if you want to make a difference right now. 

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