Here is how to get a credit card in South Africa: In the right hands and used rightly, a credit card can be a quite invaluable financial tool. The added flexibility when it comes to budgeting and the capability to make purchases that would otherwise be nearly impossible acts as a best incentive for many.

Anyway, if you are not alert, you could find yourself getting stung by high interest rates and charges and you could end up worse off than you were before you look out the card.

Here are some of the advantages of credit card and how to get a credit card in Zimbabwe :


Like cash back credit cards, reward credit cards provide you something back each time you spend on them but, instead of cash, you get vouchers or points. Most offer a more sweet points allocation when you spend in associated stores, or if you are not loyal to a particular shop, or do not want your incentives in vouchers, a cash back card may be an excellent choice.

Protect if you lose your purse or wallet

If you lose a purse or wallet full of cash, it is unlikely that you will be capable to get it back. Anyway, if you are unfortunate enough to fall victim to card fraud, you have legal protection to make sure you do not lose financially. Your bank must refund any fraudulent payment quickly unless it has proof that there is reason to refuse a refund.

Cut costs on overseas spending

Most debit cards charge you a foreign landing charge if you use them for purchases abroad. This is also the case for most credit cards, but some will give up the fee on transaction made overseas.

Boost your credit score

If you have a limited or bad credit history, you may struggle to access the top credit deals. But some credit cards are designed specifically to build your credit rating so that you can access excellent deals in future. Keep in mind that these are likely to have lower credit limits and top interest rates than other choices, so you should ensure you pay the bill in full every month.

Making big purchases

By the same token as the above, making big purchases like buying holidays or white goods is much easier when you have a credit card.

Given the cost of daily life, it is generally hard to constantly put sufficient money aside to be capable to make expensive purchases using cash. A credit card permit you to do so and then to pay for what you buy retrospectively.

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