There are many reasons why people go to school and study. Some are there because their parents told them so, while others want to learn new things and have a better future. Well, regardless of the reason you have, going to the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Singapore is a good idea. Here, not only you would be able to improve your skills, but you would also gain opportunities to grow further.

That is why if you are an upcoming junior college student, dream big. Become an IB student and attend International School in Singapore. Going this route will help you get into your dream university and have a bright future!

But bear in mind that this path is not that easy. You have to work hard and do your best at all times. Otherwise, the workload would exhaust you, and you might think of stopping halfway from where you started. 

To not let your efforts get wasted, use this time to think. Ask yourself, do I indeed want to study under the IB Diploma Programme in Singapore?

If your answer YES and determined to move forward no matter how challenging things are, read the rest of the article. It will help you get into one of the International Baccalaureate Schools in Singapore!

To convince you more to try this path, know that there are famous people who finished IB. One of which is Justin Trudeau, the current prime minister of Canada. He gained his IB Diploma during the late 1980s, and he said multiple times that IB played a vital role in who he is now. Therefore, if you want to become a good leader like him, become an IB student.

Below are the things you need to do to get into International Baccalaureate Schools in Singapore!


For starters, if you want to get into an IB school, you would need to have stellar test scores and grades. These are the two most vital admissions requirements you need to meet to pass the IB application. That is why you should consider attending rigorous courses if you want to do well in your entrance exams.

Once done, you usually need to wait three days to get approval from your chosen IB International School in Singapore. If you pass the entrance exam, they will inform you by sending you a Letter of Offer. This acceptance paper means your test scores and grades are all above average, and you have what it takes to become an IB student. 

When you become one, make sure to maintain getting high scores and grades. You should also join in extracurricular activities and have the will to learn more. Note that they are essential factors you need to get into the cream of the crop and become admitted to your dream college or university. 

To get your test scores and grades up, start studying today and know what GPA you should meet or surpass. Take note that every IB School has a different grade requirement, so research those details before sending an IB application. 


That is for sure.

Just imagine if you are not passionate enough to pursue the IB Diploma Programme in Singapore, would you be able to pass the exams, learn the lesson, and participate in extracurricular activities? Of course not since just thinking about it will exhaust you right before you can even attend the class. 

Not to exaggerate, but there are tons of things to do in IB school, which is why you should come prepared if you do not want to lose among your peers. Also, this kind of learning institute wants someone who will work hard and do their best with their job. 

As a student, your passion for learning is what an IB school wants, so show them what you got when you submit your application.


This tip might sound absurd to believe, but it is true. Being a good person is a good idea since it does not only help you with your studies but also in life.

To convince you more to become a good person, here is a true story about a teenager who gets into an ivy league school because of his or her good heart. If you read that article, you would understand that most universities and colleges want the students they admit in their institutions to be good people who know how to give back.

But before you do nice things, you should remember that a good deed comes from the heart and not because you need to do it. That is why you have to make sure your act of kindness is not just for a show. Bear in mind that genuine kindness is the key to impressing International Baccalaureate Schools in Singapore!


Every year more than two thousand students apply to International Baccalaureate Schools in Singapore. 

With that increasing number each year, you should make up your mind at least three to four months before the academic year starts. Otherwise, you would have a hard time processing your application. You might not even get a slot as there are thousands of students applying. 

To not let that happen, you should decide now. Doing so would help you become more prepared and gather all the requirements and submit them. You might even be able to save money to pay for the tuition or apply for a scholarship if you lack the fund to enrol.


Just like in your dream ivy school, you also need to write a good essay when you apply for the IB Diploma Programme in Singapore. That is why it is hard to get into one, even if there are 28 IB schools here. 

As a student, you should do your best and make sure to let them know who you are in your own words. Take note that your essay should have the same content as the interview. Otherwise, they might think you hire a ghostwriter to make your application essay. 

Nevertheless, here are the things you need to do to write a good essay.

  • Write legibility and do not boast.
  • Show your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Explain why you want to become an IB student and the things you would do afterwards.
  • Give them an overview of your current achievements and how you gained them. 
  • Think of things about which you can contribute to their institute if you become one of their students.
  • Most importantly, make sure to proofread your work so there no grammatical errors when you submit your application essay. 


Since it is hard to get into one of the International Baccalaureate Schools in Singapore, you should work twice as hard. Besides studying in school and home, attend an elite preparatory tuition centre. Doing so would help you get prepared since the tutors there would explain what you to do. Some might show you the ways and give you some examples of the work of their previous student who went into IB school.  

That is why if you have some money to spare, consider joining one. There you would learn many things and get to know what other students your age are doing with their IB application. As such, you will become more ready and outperform your peers with your preparedness. 


In this day and age, International Baccalaureate Schools also consider checking out the social media presence of their applicants. They exert this extra effort to make sure the student they will admit into their institution is someone worth the spot.

With this in mind, you should log into your social media accounts and start making them look more appealing. While doing so, make sure there are no posts that would make you look bad.

To guarantee that would not happen, consider searching your names and email addresses on Google and Bing. There you would know what details are there about you and your deeds in the past. 

Once you find something negative, consider taking them down. That is the best way to improve your online reputation.


Since the IB application process can be confusing, you should not take on it by yourself. As much as possible, ask for help, not just from your parents.

If you can, leave a message on your chosen IB school, and they will explain what student IB accommodation they offer in Singapore. As an aspiring IB student, this information matters. It would give you an idea of what you can expect once you officially become one of them.

That is why do not be afraid to ask since they will be much happy to answer any inquiry you have related to their institution.  Just make sure that your questions are clear enough for them to understand what issues you want answers to.


As mentioned above, studying the IB Diploma Programme in Singapore is not that easy. Some people say they are more challenging than A levels, which is why you should study harder and do your best at all times.  

To give you a hand with your studies, bear these tips in mind. Doing so would help you achieve your goal and pass with flying colours. 


Once you become an IB student, you should always take notes during discussions. You might think this tip is useless and outdated since the professor gives a handout before or after class, but you are mistaken. 

The reason why you need to note down the lesson is for you to understand them in your own words. Your words would be able to explain to you how the concept works and that helps you grasp the lesson faster. As a result, you will get higher marks on your exams and recitations. 


Besides studying, you should also get a rest for a while. According to a study conducted by Institutional Knowledge (InK) at Singapore Management University, taking a break helps. 

After resting for a few minutes, you can expect your memory to improve and more energy to think. As such, you can come up with more new ideas and finish your tasks much earlier than expected. That is why when you become an IB student and study the Diploma Programme, take a break like getting a power nap for ten to twenty minutes long. 

ADDITIONAL TIP: Hours of study does not matter since what is important is your will to learn. If you do not have that, it would be hard for you to grasp something even if you take days studying it.


Time is gold, so as they say. As a student, this old proverb remains true, which is why you should manage your time wisely. Doing so would help you do and learn more and enjoy your youth as you achieve your dreams. 

To help you with your study schedule, here are the things you need to do:

  • Know which time you are most productive throughout the day. That is the best time to study and do your homework.
  • During your study time, go to a place where you will not get distracted by anything or anyone. 
  • Keep a journal and note down what you need to do.
  • To make sure you are getting the most out of your time, set a reminder between your schedule.
  • Before the day ends, review your schedule and see if you miss anything.

Most importantly, just like IB schools, ivy league universities will not only consider exceptional grades and high test scores. They would also consider your conduct on how you behave and treat other people around you. That is why you should do your best once you become an IB student.

Just in case you are still looking at which school should study the IB Diploma Programme in Singapore, go to Hillside World Academy! Here you will be able to foster your skills like no other. 

If you are interested in this IB International School, go to their website here.

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