Events can be a great way to bring your most engaged customers to you, and attract new ones, or they can be a huge waste of money. What can you do to make sure you get a great return on your investment at your next event?

Hire a Neuromarketer

If your product appeals to a high tech audience, they might be quite happy to let you scan their brains, while you gather useful information about your brand’s appeal. Your potential customers could be fascinated to watch their brains respond to your products, and your company could capture high quality unbiased data to improve your products. Also, it’s cool.

Reduce the unwanted ‘stuff’

Customers are becoming increasingly eco-minded, and we’re all constantly decluttering these days. In a world of ‘peak stuff’ handing out single use plastic bags filled with glossy brochures and plastic pens will tarnish your brand. Opt for a ‘virtual goody bag’ where your best customer offers are available as part of an event app. Customers will be able to find and access them without carrying around an awkward bag full of dead tree and plastic, and are more likely to read them rather than recycle them as soon as they get home. Redeploy your ‘merch’ budget on tasty free food on paper plates to give your customers a warm fuzzy feeling about your responsible brand. 

Choose your location carefully

To maximise attendance, find a great location that your customers would like an excuse to visit. If you need help managing your event, find a location with a good selection of event management companies Dublin, for example, is an exciting and popular city to visit, which will encourage new and existing customers to come to your event. If you need local high quality event management companies Dublin has you covered. Delegate work so you can focus on the most important details, by finding great event management companies Dublin.

Get the influencers on board

Establishing social proof for your event can make a huge difference to attendance. Approach the key social influencers in your target market to get them on board. Include all the social channels used by your target audience to make sure your customers are hearing how great your event will be, is, and was from their trusted peers.

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