Generally speaking, it is essential to consider the organization or school like medical student admission requirements (สอบหมอต้องใช้อะไรบ้าง which is the term in Thai) for example. You need to set a goal and create ways to get there. Is your goal to start a professional career from a public contest? Then read the notice and know exactly what is charged. The same goes for public and private college exams, among others. This clarification helps you direct your focus and expend less energy on your preparation.

Once this is done, write down all the activities you will need to do until the day of the test, calculate the number of days you have available until the date, and reserve time for study. You can consider 3 times of 50 minutes in the morning and another 3 in the afternoon. Distribute each of the tasks however you like. You should see all the content and be ready by exam day. Also, create dates to do simulations, tests, and reviews. This will undoubtedly help you to adapt better to each type of test.

How To Prepare For A Competitive Exam

The public tender usually takes place as a selection process in which the evaluation is divided into stages; there is a theoretical and a practical test. This requires a combined preparation from you, where you need to consider both the subjects charged by the examining board and the other requirements, such as physical exercises or skills tests.

The secret here is to pay attention to the previous contest exams you intend to take. People approved in large competitions, such as the Federal Revenue Service, are usually the so-called professional concurseiros, those who have been preparing for a long time even before the public notice is released. These people take numerous tests over the years and see it as an accurate preparation to create differentials about the competition. Experience in more complex tax, legislative, and banking topics certainly helps the student stand out on the test.