Singapore funeral services are expensive. And as much as possible, before leaving the Earth, people want to lift the expense burden from their families when they die. Fortunately, there are several ways to do that.

Here are some tips to reduce the funeral cost in Singapore:

1. Funeral pre-planning.

Funeral pre planning in Singapore involves purchasing funeral packages for yourself or someone else, albeit the recipient is still alive.

There are two reasons why funeral pre-planning can save you money.

Firstly, it has flexible and affordable payment arrangements. Instead of paying the upfront cost, which can be high, the person purchasing the funeral package can pay monthly.

Secondly, funeral lots, columbarium, and funeral services appreciate over time. You can take advantage of the lower price by purchasing a pre-planned funeral package from your funeral director in Singapore today.

2. Compare Singapore funeral homes.

Funeral homes have different rates. These rates depend on their location and the extent of service they provide. Some will take charge right after the embalming until the very end of the burial service, whilst others appear in the picture by arranging the funeral service alone.

Try comparing the rates and services of three to four funeral homes.

3. Burial VS Cremation VS Science.

The way people will handle your remains also adds to the funeral cost in Singapore.

Burying the remains is perhaps the most expensive option among the three. The family needs to purchase a casket, a funeral lot, and make a tombstone.

Although a columbarium is more affordable than a burial lot, the family has the option to keep the urn at home or scatter the ashes somewhere.

Donating the remains to science for medical research is the most affordable option.

4. Shorten the funeral services.

Most funeral and memorial services last up to a week. The longer the funeral services, the higher your funeral expenses. You can ask the funeral director in Singapore to shorten it to a couple or three days.

Reduce your funeral cost in Singapore by considering these tips.

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