Your gearbox is essential to the smooth and safe operation of your vehicle, but there may come a point when it needs replacing or repaired. Also recognized as a transmission, a gearbox is part of a system involving a vehicle’s brake, which raises the leverage (turning power), thus reducing the rate of the main mover’s shaft.

The transmission system of a vehicle is highly efficient, but regular use may mean that from time to time it requires skilled repairs. A fully functioning gearbox is necessary for your security on the street, so if you see any of the indications below, take your car to a reliable garage as quick as practicable. 

Trouble altering gears 

This is an alert that if you encounter confusion or discomfort when placing the car into gear or a shrugging motion when shifting gears, something is wrong with the power system. You should take it to be looked at by a professional if your car ever falls out of gears when driving or changes gears for no cause.

Unusual sounds 

If you hear strange humming, clicking or clattering sounds coming from your gearbox, this is usually a sign of gearbox problems, especially if the automobile in critical gear is excessively noisy. There may be other explanations for unnecessary noise, but either way, they should not be overlooked. 

Fluid leaking 

Transmission fluid is obviously red in color, so take your car straight into a garage if you find pools or patches of red liquid on your drive. Leaking fluid does not really immediately imply that your gearbox needs to be fixed, but a leakage can cause damage to other parts of your car across time. 

A fiery fragrance 

A pungent sensation is a sign that the machines are burning up from excessive pressure, normally affected by a shortage of transfer fluid. The scent of burnt transmission fluid is also a warning of other aspects that your gearbox is going wrong, so take your vehicle for testing. 

Expenses associated to repairing the transmission may be as little as $150 at most to repair a broken transmission valve and up to $2,500 or so to repair or rebuild a whole transmitter. 

You should probably check in your area what businesses specializes in transmissions repairs and contact or visit them to have an estimation. If your regular mechanic does not specialize in transmission repair or offers it a professional should be able to recommend it. 

If because of transmission problems, you are not happy driving your car, have it towed in. Most reputable stores would like to inspect the vehicle to try and reproduce the problems you’re concerned about, but that could mean that they need more time to diagnose the issue. Your calculation should include any towing and diagnostic costs.

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