The past year has seen a huge surge for new users turning to different online gambling platforms – and these have come in all shapes and sizes whether  this be something away from gaming with the likes of retail trading and the stock market, or even something more recognizable with the rising number of betting sites available not on Gamstop like these and the many online casinos that have become more available during the same period of time. But it hasn’t just been the past year that has seen this uptick as it has been occurring for a number of years prior with the growing success for online platforms as a whole – but could this be a catalyst that sets the future of gambling online, or could there be a resurgence for brick-and-mortar locations?

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As with most things, there are two schools of thought for the future of gambling services – the first which may be particularly true in the short term are within the hopes that there will be a sense of nostalgia or a need for something a little more tactile – whilst brick-and-mortar casino locations had remained closed and many betting stores found themselves closing their doors for good, there are many suggesting that he experience of physically going to a gambling location isn’t something that can be replicated online, and after a year of lockdown there will be many players looking to recapture that experience. Given the success of online platforms as a whole over the past few years, this could certainly just be a short-term view, but also hard to deny that there will be a select group that are looking for that experience. 

On the other hand, there are those that suggest the online experience for both accessibility, and convenience simply can’t be beat and with newer features becoming available at a regular basis, it’ll be hard for offline services to compete. This covers things like the ability to play multiple games at the same time, the huge variety of games available, and even newer features such as live dealers and virtual reality that look to bring the physical casino experience to the home environment. With other markets like betting too, the successes found in esports over this period of time too could go a big way in changing the betting industry and will be a vital part for the success which may not have been as easily accessible in a brick-and-mortar betting location.

There are certainly plenty of questions yet to be answered, and many questions yet to be asked, but as offline locations look to start re-opening we may start to see what the future may have in store for both options, and where the biggest changes may be seen during this period of time too as the gambling industry as a whole continues to flex to fit consumer requirements both following the pandemic, and following the big changes seen in modern tech.