Many will look back fondly to the summer of 2016 and the release of Pokémon GO as a wider introduction of augmented reality to the mobile gaming market, it got everyone up and outside throughout the whole summer and has kept some dedicated players in place. For many, it was the first big introduction away from the typical appearance and into something new. 

Others have recently started to explore the many options that are becoming available through virtual reality too as gaming options on dedicated systems for both Xbox and PlayStation have come on leaps and bounds too, whilst still rather rudimentary and in the early stages for gaming, there’s still plenty of movement occurring the market with recent announcements stating that both are hoping to step up their own VR opportunities in the coming months, but is it an opportunity that will extend to other bigger gaming markets, with mobile in particular?

Some services have already shown they’re willing and closer to making the permanent change – one of the most popular gaming services on mobile for example is within casino as online casinos have continued to thrive, and with huge changes coming through as further restriction is placed on different online services like a recent credit card ban in the UK market leading to a list of credit card casinos can be found here as a great alternative, in one of the many ways that alternative playing options are being offered, with virtual reality looking to be the next big option in this same space, it could certainly help to change the way many approach mobile gaming as a whole.

The big challenge to overcome for virtual reality largely relies in the cost – for dedicated platforms, the big names like Oculus are still quite expensive for some and its quite the investment to make, and although there’s change to make the platforms much less bulky and require less of a space requirement with wireless options, but until more impactful changes are made there will still be a bit of a barrier remaining for those trying to enter the market on a budget, or with certain restrictions. 

It is certainly looking to be the next big step in tech for gaming though, the possibilities for what can be offered are very open, with a huge number of genres that can succeed in the space there will be a huge number of changes that will come in to place over the coming years, and with a renewed focus in gaming over this past year, there will be plenty of activity, so it’s certainly worth it to watch the VR space.

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