Horror films have a limited audience. Impressing them becomes an adventure. New director Ashwini Kumar V has entered Tollywood by dealing with an innovative horror story with his first film. Psychological horror thriller ‘Jesse’ starring Archana, Atul Kulkarni, KambirDuhan Singh and AshimaNarwal.

The film was produced by Shweta Singh under the banner of Eka Art Production Pvt Ltd. ‘Are there real demons.. Do souls become ghosts after a human dies? The movie ‘Jesse’ is a quest made by some ghost hunters to find out if they are rumors or not. The movie becomes the most searched one in ‘Telugu movies watch online’.

It is now available at Telugu OTT aha movies and trending too good at movies on Aha. The audience, who is searching about best horror films, Jessie is the good choice among them among ‘Telugu movies watch online’ and movies on Aha.

Let’s check the story, artistes’ performances, technicalities, etc of Jessie, before going to browse for it at movies on Aha.


PavaniGangireddy, AbhinavGautam, Abhishek, Purnima Ghost Hunters. Go to Victoria House at the end of town to do practical proof of whether there are ghosts. In the middle of the road they are introduced to Victoria House owner Sameera (Archana). Jesse (AshmithaNarwal), two sisters in Victoria’s House, goes to Victoria’s House with Ghost Hunters to prove that no one is buying her Victoria’s house because Yami (SritaChandana) died in an accident and became a ghost.

Jesse and his friend Rajiv (Vimal Krishna) go to the exorcist KabirDuhan Singh to get rid of Yami’s demon. He arrives at Victoria Mahal and finds out that the real demon is ‘Jesse’ in order to get rid of Yami’s demon. Whose spirit possessed Jesse so far? Why did Yami behave like a demon? Who are the sisters who died in the accident? Can Ghost Hunters catch a real ghost? The rest of the story is about who the real Jesse is.

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Artistes’ Performances:

New actress AshimaNarwal, who played the lead role in the film, expressed her emotions well. She carried emotions, particularly sister Sentiment is well in the scenes. Her expressions are a highlight in many scenes. ShrithaChandana, who played the role of Yami as her younger sister, was scared on screen. Ran the whole story on her in the first half of the movie.

KabirDuhan did justice to the roles of exorcist and Atul Kulkarni as a police officer. KabirDuhan looked very stylish.


The camera and background score are the lifeblood of horror movies. The director grabbed the maximum from those two sections. New cinematographer Sunil Kumar did the trick with his camera. Most of the film is shot in the same house but the magic done with the camera is often dazzling without getting that feeling.

Cast and crew:

Cast: AshimaNarwal, Archana, Atul Kulkarni, KabirDuhan Singh

Screenplay & Direction: Aswini Kumar V

Cinematography: Sunil Kumar


Producer:Shwetha Singh


Jessie, a wonderful horror movie, which can be thrilled audience

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