Are you looking for a new way to brighten up your walls with personalized art? Painting by numbers has been around for decades, but the latest trend is turning your personal photos into a paint by numbers masterpiece. Here’s how you can transform your photos into a stunning work of art and unleash your inner artist

Choose the Right Photo:

The first step to creating a paint by numbers masterpiece is to choose the right photo. It’s essential to select a high-resolution image with vibrant colors and strong contrast. Most paint by numbers kits have a paint palette that can only hold a limited number of colors. Choosing an image with too many colors will lead to confusion and result in a less detailed painting.

Customize Your Painting Kit:

Turn your photo into a paint by numbers kit by creating a custom painting set. Start by uploading the selected image online and choosing your preferred size and paint palette. You can choose to paint with oil, acrylic or watercolors.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you can customize each section of the canvas by selecting a color for that area. The software will then create a pattern for you to follow. The final image will look like a pixelated rendition of your original photo.

Get the Right Tools and Set Up Your Space:

You’ll need a few tools to get started on your painting, such as paintbrushes, a palette, and painting tape. Lighting is also essential. It’s best to have a well-lit area to work in, preferably with natural light. If you don’t have natural light, make sure you have a lamp to provide adequate illumination.

Follow the Pattern and Start Painting:

The pattern created by the software will guide you on where to paint and which colors to use. Start by taping the canvas to a flat surface and paint one section at a time. You’ll notice that some sections have letters or numbers. These correspond to the paint colors, so make sure you’re using the right color on the sections with letters and numbers. Paint one section at a time and let it dry before moving on to the next.

Frame, Hang, and Admire Your Artwork:

Once you’ve finished painting, allow it to dry completely before removing the tape. You’ll then have a stunning piece of custom artwork that’s ready to frame and display on your walls. You can choose to frame the painting by numbers art or hang the canvas itself.


Paint by numbers is a fun and creative way to turn your personal photos into a beautiful piece of custom artwork. With a few steps, you can transform a photo into a paint by numbers kit and follow the pattern to paint a detailed and vibrant piece of art. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, you’ll have a stunning piece of art that you can proudly display in your home or office. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner artist and create a masterpiece today with paint by numbers edition.

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