Rummy is a skill-based card game. Real rummy has many different variations, starting from Gin Rummy, 13 cards rummy, 21 cards rummy, Oklahoma rummy and so on. The main agenda of 13 cards rummy, also called Indian online rummy, is to meld the cards in your hand into valid arrangements called sets and sequences and reduce the number of unmatched cards, called ‘deadwood’, with you. The more deadwood with you, the more points you collect. The more points you collect, the higher your chances of losing the game. This is the Points rummy variation of the 13 cards rummy.

Now, Pool rummy is a multi-series and multi-deals Points rummy. Based on the category players choose, players play several rounds until all but one of them get eliminated one by one when they attain either 101 points or 201 points. Read this article to know more about the strategies to become an expert in Pool rummy.

How can rummy help you to become an expert in pool rummy?

  • Pay attention to the cards at hand

Real rummy is all about your mental agility and alertness. One of the best ways to be an expert at rummy is to pay attention to the cards you have in your hand. Analyze and calculate which cards can be used to form sets, which cards have better chances of forming sequences, and which cards are supposed to be discarded as soon as possible. It would be a foolish and costly mistake if you let go of an important card in a hurry, just because you didn’t pay proper attention to your hand before playing.

  • Observe your opponents

Pool rummy is all about pushing the opponents out of the game by making them collect more and more points. But in order to do so, you need to observe your opponents and their moves closely. They often leave traces of their game plans, but we need to know where to look. Pay attention to the open deck. Which cards have they discarded; which cards did they pick up? Did they discard a joker card? The answers to all of these questions will give you an idea about which cards you should discard and which do not. It helps you plan your moves ahead.

  • Drop early

One of the most important strategies to keep yourself from collecting points in Pool rummy is knowing if you need to drop your hand. If you get a bad hand that has the least chances of getting melded into different combinations, you should drop your hand even before the first turn begins. This will cost you a meager 20 points in 101 Pool rummy, and 25 points in 201 Pool rummy respectively. If you keep on pursuing a bad hand and then drop it in subsequent turns, you can collect as high as 80 points, which is a total loss for you!


Real rummy requires you to be mindful of the strategies you can use to get hands-on experience. When you are alert, and act quickly, you can stop yourself from collecting more points, thus staying until the very end of the game. Which can also help you to get proficient at pool games.