The human body is a complicated yet immense system in itself. One of the important features of a female body is the breasts. Breasts come in a plethora of sizes and shapes. But many times when a woman is not satisfied by its size, the irregularity of its shape, and the texture, she can go for breast augmentation surgery. Under the surgery using breast implants, one increases the size of the breasts according to the desired level. Over the years, more and more women are going for this cosmetic surgery for rebuilding their confidence.

But there is a multifarious thing to know about while deciding on such a high level of cosmetic surgery. There are a lot of risks and complications involved in breast augmentation surgery.


1.        PAIN

A major problem that all the patients go through post-surgery is a pain in their breasts. A certain level of soreness and even a burning sensation is experienced by women with breast augmentation. The area where the incision is made for the surgery is usually the region to undergo this type of issue mainly. Proper medications from expert doctors and surgeons will heal these problems within a few days after the surgery.


The implant that is set within the breasts is usually filled with a saline solution or silicone gel. An incision is made either under your breasts, or on the nipple region, or below your arms to insert the implant. But in some unfortunate cases, women experience the rupture of the implant. Usually, a rupture, leak, or emptying of the implant capsule occurs within 3 years post-surgery. In such situations, the silicone gel can come out and spread around the tissues of breasts leading to more complications. And the emptying of the implant will make it deflate which can easily be removed surgically. Therefore, it is important to undergo the surgery to be the best healthcare provider possible.

3.        MILK FEEDING

Women undergoing Breast Augmentation surgery are capable of feeding milk to infants. But in certain types of surgery where the incision is made in unsuitable areas like the subglandular region (under the breasts), the mammary gland gets affected. This can also affect the nerves of the gland and thereby impede the milk flow. So, it is wise to discuss things with the surgeons clearly before the operation.

4.        SCARRING

Surgeries often leave scars; Breast augmentation surgery is no exception. But most of the scars tend to fade away with time as they pass the inflammatory phase. And with proper medication and facilities, the risk can be avoided.

5.        INFECTION

A breast augmentation surgery can also leave you with an infection. Operations done in a rash less manner can lead to fatal infections that lead to death. Any surgery is critical when it comes to the human body, so it is very important to choose the best doctors for you.

In case you want to boost your confidence and you believe breast augmentation surgery is the way to go, then go for it. But do not compromise with the medical supervisors as the risks involved are not negligible.

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