Dog parents need a break too! Whether you’re going out of town, have guests coming over, or need a break, it is okay to board your dog. Unfortunately, many dog parents feel ashamed or guilty when they board their pets. However, this experience is meant to be guilt-free! Here are six things to know before boarding your dog.

You have the option to train your dog.

You can have peace of mind knowing you are getting “you time” while your dog is being trained. Some people worry their pets are sad, scared, and alone. However, your dog will not only be entertained but educated when you have your dog trained while being boarded.

Your dog’s vaccinations must be up to date.

Typically, the following shots must be administered before boarding: rabies, parvo/distemper, kennel cough.

While you have your “you time,” your dog will as well.

It is important to ensure that your kennel allows your dog to have privacy. Be sure to look and see if your kennel has enough for your dog.

Regularly taking your dog to the same kennel will aid in his adjustment.

As your dog becomes familiar with the same place time and time again, he will become more comfortable, and it will be more of a good experience for him. Assuming the kennel you bring him to is a clean, safe, and spacious one.

Some kennels may have TVs and other amenities to comfort your dog further.

Some kennels may have TVs that play a soothing noise for your pet 24/7 to ensure comfort, while others may have activities to burn off your dog’s energy. Find a kennel that provides amenities to entertain your dog.

Your dog will be highly supervised.

The kennels have multiple security cameras that record all areas 24/7. If your dog is injured or in distress for some reason, a worker will know, and your dog will be in good hands.

We know how much your dogs mean to you. Dogs bring so much light and joy into our lives, so we want to give them the best care we can while still taking care of ourselves. That sometimes means bringing your canine friend to be boarded. This experience can be beneficial to all as long as you’re educated beforehand. Choosing a good boarding location for your dog will really make or break your dogs’ involvement at the kennel.

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