The most fashionable and comfortable way to stay cool in the heat of summer is with a pair of leggings or shorts that sit just above the knee. The problem is that so many of them are unflattering! If you don’t have the legs for tiny cropped leggings, what do you do?

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to look great and feel comfortable in mid-thigh length garments. Here we explore a few options for making these pants your new best friends this summer.

Why Mid-Thigh Shorts And Leggings Are So Comfortable

The best part about mid-thigh length shorts and leggings like on spanx is that they are a lot more comfortable than other options. You can wear them all day without feeling self-conscious or having to worry about modesty. Mid-thigh shorts and leggings also offer more coverage than a full-length skirt or dress, which means you will not have to worry about unwanted exposure if you bend over or someone bumps into you.

Mid-thigh lengths provide the opportunity to keep cool while still maintaining some sense of modesty. These garments also provide more coverage for people who do not want to show off their legs in public. They are perfect for those who have varicose veins, sensitive skin, or scars that they would like to hide from view as well.

Make The Most Of Your Leggings With The Right Shoes

Before you go shopping for the perfect pair of mid-thigh length pants, make sure you have a few pairs of great shoes to go with them. Whatever your style, there is a shoe for it. For example, if you’re going for something more casual, sneakers or ballet flats are always a good bet.

If you’re going out on the town, a nice pair of heels will do the trick. And don’t forget about platform sandals! Platforms can work well with any shoe and they generally come in an array of colors and patterns.

Mix And Match With Other Pieces

The easiest way to wear these skirts is to mix them with other articles of clothing. You can wear a fitted t-shirt, a sleeveless shirt, or a short blouse over your leggings for a stylish look. This will also help you conceal any imperfections in your lower body.

By combining the two pieces, you create a more cohesive outfit that doesn’t draw too much attention to what might be considered a problem area. If you are wearing shorts, try pairing them with an oversized shirt or loose maxi dress for extra coverage and style points.

Bright Colors Can Look Great On You!

If you’re not feeling confident in your skin, one way to feel better is to wear bright colors. The color will make you look and feel more refreshed and put-together. If you want to look good in these shorts but don’t want to wear bright colors, wear a brightly-colored shirt or belt!

Final Words

We hope that these tips have inspired you to wear your favorite shorts or leggings this summer with confidence. Maybe they even provided a new take on an old favorite. We’re confident that you’ll be feeling both stylish and comfortable by the end of your summer!


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