There are very few garments in the fashion industry that deserve the title of being a classic as much as the polo shirt. Polo shirts a short-sleeved and made for a casual occasion. It is most certainly the true wardrobe staple. the story of the beginning of polo shirt dates to the 19th century, polos at that time were a strong tool to represent the youth culture. for example, The British military spotted this apparel during their time of being stationed in India. Today, it is not so much intimidating as it was back then but now it is a versatile garment to sport a certain level of casualness. The polo was born in Manipur, India. while India was still not an independent country but under the British rule, several British soldiers witnessed a match where the players were wearing these polo shirts. And so was the first Polo Club of that time was set up.

Ways to style a polo shirt today – rebooting of classic fashion trends 

Here are some handful of ideas on how to incorporate the polo shirt in today’s time

  1. for clean and minimalistic take polo shirt can be worn by the simple jeans to create a well-polished look even in a hurry.
  2. If you’re looking for a bit of pop into your outfit, a Sky-blue polo can do the trick.
  3. When incline statement one could go by incorporating the polo shirt underneath a party dress.
  4. contrasting a collegiate looking polo should with a sequin skirt and a well-structured overcoat for meetings that require one to look smart and thoughtful.
  5. If you are not the one to overthink much – a bright polo and blue jeans can get the job done easily.
  6. sneakers are the best way to compliment your polo shirt.
  7. For a subtle, look pairing a polo with a mini skirt can make heads turn.

Buy and design your polo shirts online.

Many of us get excited when a certain classic from the fashion industry gets rebooted and the polo shirts are one such classic product. Now, what would be even better is the fact that if the customer can customize their polos before purchasing them on the same platform. This is where the 12Tess company that has its roots in Thailand offers the best of both worlds. Check out their website to know more about them.

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