The world dubbed oil as the “black gold” as they put great reliance on this non-renewable resource. Many industries are powered by crude oil, from creating electricity that lights up your home to fuel that runs land vehicles, planes, ships, and space rockets, to transport us from one place to another. But in this digital era, data is now considered the new gold and data centres are the caves that house this treasure. And a data centre construction company will help you mine your gold.

Digital Data: The Modern Gold

What is data?

Data is a piece of factual information and statistics collected and analysed for various purposes. Before, people collected data manually, through pen and paper. Submitting your resume to a company is a form of sending your data. Answering street surveys is also a form of collecting data.

But in the modern age, the collection and analysis of data have been digitised. Moreover, it has become more seamless, profound, and quick. In a data-driven society, data is indeed gold. No wonder why organisations only trust a reliable data centre builder for their gold.

Types of digital data

There are several types of digital data. These are personal data, engagement data, behavioural data, and attitudinal data.

●    Personal data

Personal data usually consists of your name, home address, age, gender, and details that make you identifiable.

●    Engagement data

Engagement data is your digital interaction with other parties, such as accessing a mobile app, visiting a website, such as Huawei Ideahub, watching paid ads, reading an online article, etc.

●    Behavioural data

Behavioural data is your previous online transactions, such as online purchases. It also records the websites you frequently visit.

●    Attitudinal data

Attitudinal data is the customer’s satisfaction with the service and products. It is why websites and apps encourage you to rate their service and products.

Why do organisations collect your data?

Organisations and businesses collect your personal, engagement, behavioural, and attitudinal data for several reasons.

Firstly, they consult the data to make informed business decisions. Are the customers satisfied with their product? What are the groups of people who patronise the product more? Male or female? This information can be analysed with the help of Huawei Ideahub.

Secondly, organisations build a business model on the consumer data they collect. Is their product more appealing to the youth? How will they bring their product closer to the younger people?

A DC builder in Singapore helps organisations to store this essential data.

How do organisations collect your data?

Organisations get your data in three primary ways:

●    Asking your permission

Signing up for an account or subscription by giving the website or app your personal data is a way to collect your information.

●    Indirect tracking

Did you know that once you open a website for the first time, you allow them to track you? You let them collect your cookies and cache.

●    Third-party trackers

Emails and some applications use third-party trackers to collect and monitor your data. Rarely a data centre construction company can also be a third-party tracker.

Now that you know why your data is significant for businesses and how they work rigorously to collect them, it is time to understand how they take care of them through data centres courtesy of a data centre builder.


Data Centre: The Modern Treasure Chest

When you have a collection of gold bars, you want to keep it in the most secure place. Probably keep them in your security vault or turn them into a bank.

Similarly, organisations build a place where they keep their data safe and secure with the help of a DC builder in Singapore: data centres.

What are data centres?

Data is stored in the cloud. The cloud is a vast global network where all digital information is remotely stored, accessed, and shared. But you can’t access and operate the cloud without data centres.

Data centres are facilities that house large and powerful hardware vital in computing infrastructure. This hardware usually consists of servers, cables, physical storage system, and other equipment.

A data centre construction company builds these facilities.

Why are data centres important?

Think of your internet connection. You cannot connect to your internet if a typhoon brings down one of your internet signal towers.

Similarly, companies will find it difficult to access the cloud if one of their computing infrastructure equipment has broken down. The role of a DC builder in Singapore is to erect a data centre that provides the optimum environment for the computing infrastructure hardware and prevents them from getting damaged.

If they get damaged, the entire operation of the business or company will be paralysed. They cannot exchange emails, use their software, or access vital data, costing the company money.

Types of data centres

There are different types of data centre models. Here are some of the few models your data centre construction company may offer you:

●    Enterprise (in-house) data centres

Companies build, operate, manage, and maintain their data centres. These facilities are usually situated on the company property.

●    Managed hosting

A third-party hosting provider manages the data centre on behalf of the company. The company leases the equipment needed from the hosting provider. This data centre model is perfect for small and medium enterprises that can’t afford to hire a data centre builder to build and maintain their own facility.

●    Colocation data centres

Companies rent space and partial facilities from a third-party hosting provider, such as power and shelter. Companies fill the facility with their servers, storage, and other hardware.


A large part of the world today revolves around data. And reliance on data requires more stringent protection, seamless access, and scalable data centre management. Maintaining a safe, secure, and reliable data centre remains a challenge for many businesses and organisations.

Trusting a reputable data centre construction company is the first step in the treasure hunting journey for today’s new gold.

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